A detailed account of how a KNUST fresh girl was ‘gang-raped’ by an L.400 student and a police officer

For the alleged rape of a first-year student at a dormitory in Bomso, two people are on trial: a police officer and a Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) final-year student.

The two have been remanded to appear on Tuesday, August 9, after being denied bail.

Lead prosecutor ACP Kofi Blagozi described the incident’s course of events in court on Thursday, July 28.

He began by describing how the claimed victim, a seller of women’s apparel, had advertised some of the goods online.

According to ACP Blagozi, the final-year student contacted the victim after reading the advertisement and informed her that he had similar ones that he wanted to deliver to her so she could profit more from them.

The complainant then consented to meet him, and under the pretense of showing her the garments, he brought her to his room where he abruptly shut the door and tucked the key away.

The last-year student then revealed that he is a con artist and that he will only let the “victim” leave the room after she strips off so that he may take images and a video of her in her undies to be forwarded to his business partner abroad for money, of which the complainant will receive 30%.

Out of fear, the complainant told the police that she was forced to remove her clothes where the final-year student took images and films of her in her undress. She was also had to say a few lines that the first accused forwarded to his partner in exchange for payment of the money.

“The complainant further informed the police that the first accused student, a final-year student, had ordered her to engage in oral sex on him, which was recorded, before engaging in unprotected intercourse with her.

After getting what he needed, the Level 400 student left the room, locked the door, and then came back with the second accused party—a police officer who was carrying a gun—whom he introduced as his friend and business partner. The final-year student shut the room, leaving it only with the complaint and the police officer, who turned to have sex with her as well.

“After the complainant and the police officer had forcibly had intercourse, the first accused person went back into the room and forcibly gave the complainant LYDIA contraceptive pills to prevent an unintended pregnancy. The complainant was then sent out of the room. Traumatized, the victim returned home and later confided in KNUST administrators, who chose to report the incident to police on July 21, 2022.

The final-year student was detained by KNUST officials on July 22, 2022, and they later turned him over to the police.

The final-year student confessed to the crime, naming the police officer as his partner, according to the police, who said he was arrested the same day.

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