A Famous Singer is Enraged After a Fan Grabs and Kisses Him During a Performance [Video]

Ruger, a well-known Nigerian musician, has been subjected to yet another case of sexual assault when a fan kissed him forcibly after a performance.

During his Australian tour, Ruger entertained tens of thousands of people, mostly women, in Brisbane.


In the excitement of the moment, he descended the platform to mingle with his adoring followers, who were yelling his name with delight.


One of the female admirers took her joy to the next level when she seized the performer and kissed him forcibly.

To avert more violence, he was hurriedly hauled away by his security crew.

Ruger swiftly drew his head back with a disgusted expression and returned to the stage to resume his performance.

This would be the second time he has been accused of violating the law.

While he was performing on stage, a female fan grabbed and caressed his manhood.

The event upset him to the point where he dropped his microphone and departed the platform

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