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KoenzaNews.com is a digital news and media website which is striving to provide its readers nothing but the best news trends in the world. It’s made to suit the era of the new generation: dynamic, informative, controversial, and entertaining.

We are one of the new sites pushing up to the light with our contribution and hardwork since the year 2019.

We are the source of about 85% of the news we provide to our people and collect about 15% of news from other sources. In all our writings, we make sure we indicate where our source is coming from.

We exist on money we make through advertisement and hypes we make for people and their products and our own team members. We are not being financed or influence by any government or private individuals.

Our goal is to gather news and information from all angles, systematise it and give understandable emphasis for our readers. This make us provide only high quality, reliable and affordable media products related to different places and people’s lives. This includes, culture, education, technology, current affairs, and many more. We promote economic prosperity, knowledge, political stability.

Stories from KoenzaNews.com shall be from all angles and would not be a one-sided reflection of the situation (unless it’s the author’s opinion). We are not to be held responsible for the author’s point of view, all the same we reserve the right to publish alternative visions so far as it’s not considered to be propaganda or anything uncontral to our rules.

KoenzaNews.com is to do its best to manage and control the challenges and controversies we get with any of our audience. Altinative visions are also considered to diversity of content in the media and to fulfilling our goals and promote all the spheres of life.

We always refer to the initial source of and make vivid reference to it if possible. Our editors make sure the verify every data we mechanize. We give our readers the chance to share their contribution on all our post in the comment box.

We collect information from readers and eye witness, make follow ups to verify before we bring our readers.

Our social media are;

Website: https://KoenzaNews.com
Facebook: Koenza News
Instagram: koenzanews
Twitter: koenzanews
YouTube: Koenza NEWS

Location: Takoradi, W/R – Ghana, West Africa
Website: www.KoenzaNews.com
Email: koenzatv.gh@gmail.com
Call: +233243942883 / 54333362

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