Budget 2022: For the sake of posterity, let us take the hard pill – NPP Chairman urges Ghanaians

As the Akufo-Addo government seeks to resurrect Ghana’s economy following the COVID-19 outbreak, Ghanaians have been advised to tighten their belts.

According to the Seat Chairman of the Additional Patriotic Party (NPP) for New Juaben North constituency in the Eastern Region, the only option to collect income in the face of falling economic indicators is for the government to adopt new taxes.

Chairman Kwadwo Boateng Agyemang, speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen program on Wednesday, said the epidemic has had a significant impact on government income, prompting the introduction of taxes such as the E-levy to bring more individuals into the tax net.

“People want growth but don’t want to pay taxes,” he explained, “therefore I feel the E-levy is a good method to get income.”


The E-levy, according to experts, has the potential to sabotage the government’s efforts to digitize and foster a cashless economy.

Many people and companies may resort to cash transactions to avoid paying the E-Levy, according to them.

Chairman Kwadwo Boateng, however, disagrees, claiming that it will instead enhance income.

With the convenience and security that smartphone transactions provide, he believes that many more individuals would choose to pay a token rather than risk their lives carrying cash.


The NPP Chairman charged government to put the proposed taxes to good use to regain public confidence.

He said Ghanaians are reluctant in paying taxes since successive governments have failed to account for funds generated through taxes in the past.

“While we are urging people to pay taxes, government should also put it to good use. Posterity will judge us if we don’t leave a good legacy,” Chairman Agyemang stressed.


Source: Adwoa Gyasiwaa Agyeman


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