Chicken Processor: The Poultry Industry is About to Collapse

According to Joseph Boakye Yiadom, CEO of Joerees, a chicken processing company, the industry requires quick attention or it will be reduced to roughly 3% of its current size.

In an interview with Akua Boakyewaa Yiadom on Adom FM’s Burning Issues, he claimed the sector’s difficulties are huge and cannot be managed by farmers alone.

Mr. Yiadom wants the government to provide the necessary resources to save the industry as quickly as feasible.

He also stated that due to a lack of chicken feed and funds, certain chicken processing plants under the 1 district one facility had been unable to operate.

“The poultry sector needs immediate care; otherwise, it will collapse.” It is simple to invest in the sector because you will always receive a return on your investment.

“There is a plant under the 1D1F that hasn’t processed a single chicken in nearly six months, despite the fact that this is a factory that used to produce about 2,000 birds per hour,” he claimed.

While reacting to Adom FM/Asukodo TV’s documentary, Joseph Boakye Yiadom said that the country’s malls are one cause contributing to the local chicken processing industry’s decline.

He described how malls blend imported chicken with locally processed chicken, resulting in a loss of interest in locally produced chicken.

“…we now have roughly 2,000 per day market capacity, but what is actually causing the collapse in our market is that most supermarkets and malls, after importing lesser valued chicken from abroad, mix it with our high priced and fresh chicken and sell it to consumers.”

“We’re begging with the FDA to help us fight this by instructing malls to specify which supplier they should acquire their chicken from.”

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