Covid 19: Cases of Omicron variant recorded in Ghana – GHS

On November 21, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) verified the presence of instances of the Omicron strain of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Ghana.

Dr Patrick Kumah Aboagye, the Director General of the Ghana Health Service, confirmed the news in Accra on Wednesday, December 1.

“There is the introduction of the new variety, and I must mention that Ghana has already detected the Omicron version through thorough testing at the Kotoka International Airport, with patients primarily coming from Nigeria and South Africa.” The first case discovered during our sequencing was on November 21st,” Dr. Patrick Kumah Aboagye told reporters.

According to the GHS, the new variety has yet to be found in communities. However, according to Dr. Kumah Aboagye, there is a risk of community spread since “if someone has omicron and it’s incubating, it won’t be recognized at the airport.”

He stressed the importance of everyone following all of the Covid-19 protocols, especially as the holiday season approaches and more visitors are expected.

Concerning the Omicron version Because of an unusually high number of mutations that have the potential to make the virus more transmissible and less susceptible to existing vaccines, scientists and public health officials are concerned about this new iteration of the coronavirus, which was first identified in Botswana and South Africa.

Despite what experts termed as a “variety of worry,” the World Health Organization declared Omicron a “variant of concern” on Monday, warning that the global hazards presented by it were “extremely significant.”

Despite what officials described as a slew of uncertainty, the World Health Organization has labeled Omicron a “variant of concern” and warned on Monday that the worldwide hazards it poses are “extremely high.” So far, cases have been found in 20 nations, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Despite the fact that Omicron has yet to be discovered in the United States, scientists believe it is only a matter of time before the variety appears.

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