Humans, are originally a delicate mass suspended on a vast Ocean, ironically. We are actually suspended on this beautiful and blissfull world, originally to float, relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere the waves of the ocean (world) produce to us. Picture when a child is born, he floats, as it were, on this ocean and thinks of nothing.

In fact, he thinks himself a King and enjoys all that is presented to him or her by the world; he/she really floats in abundance relaxation and bliss. His little brains know no boundary and his thoughts are very light, enhancing the natural flow and float of life on the ocean (world)

As the child gets older, his thoughts are filled by the overwhelming anxieties of life and he gets heavier and he is weighed down till he/she sinks and gets down there at the close of day (dies)

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The heavy your anxieties, the heavy you become and float less. You gradually sink and get exterminated by the “weights” of life.

You have to keep floating, suspended like a child and enjoy this beautiful world. Let not the worries of life make you heavy. Let every problem solve itself naturally; of which most often it does. Don’t stress too much.

You would end up heavy and sink. Like a child, free the mind, float, suspend and enjoy the cozy breeze of this vast and beautiful ocean, called the world, and at large, the universe.

Mr Hko (Writer and Coach)

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