Don’t label him a liar; meeting Beyonce is plausible, says Eno Barony in support of Sarkodie

Beyonce may have known Sarkodie, but she still opted to have Shatta Wale on her song, according to Eno Barony on 3FM 92.7. And so if Sarkodie claims Beyonce spotted him first in such a setting, he is not lying.

Because many people have accused the rapper of lying, the discussion surrounding Sarkodie’s Beyonce announcement is somewhat contentious.

Eno Barony expressed surprise at the response and inquired as to why a rapper of this caliber would fabricate a meeting with Beyonce. She gave herself as an illustration, saying, “TV3 is the first venue that I had the opportunity to demonstrate my talent.

People are unaware of the fact that when I was younger, I came for an audition. Gang Starz was the name of the program. I applied for it, was accepted, and was a participant. Later, I returned as Eno after leaving for school. I was familiar with this location, but this was not my first preference for an interview session.

She further stated that although the American singer is familiar with many other African musicians, not all of them have been featured on a song.

The time has come for us to value our own. In this case, Sarkodie is Sarkodie here if Beyonce is Beyonce there. I’m certain she knows Sarkodie, but she chose not to perform the song with him. Although Beyonce is familiar with Davido, she didn’t perform the song with him.

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