Most of our actions and inactions are inadvertently the results of what enters the brains. Beware of what you hear, watch, taste, feel, or think. The brain or mental is not just that wobbly mass in your head. Our whole body is our brain or mental. Each cell in the entire body is capable of “thinking and storing” just like the ‘brain’, perhaps in different dimensions of stimuli and capacity and experience.


Therefore, we need to be careful of what our entire body experience. Just like filtering food or water to get the finest product, the ‘entire brain’ should always be filtered of toxic conversations, scenes, feels and other forms of experiences.


Do not entertain anything that would confuse, adulterate or tarnish the image of your character, principles and persona in life. Some of the things we experienced work on us subtly and are taken up by our subconscious mind, on which we may act, perhaps foolishly, which becomes lethal to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Constantly filter the brains (memory and Imagination) of any form of toxics to pave ways for a healthy life.


Mr. HKO (Writer and Coach)
Facebook: HK Ocran

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