Hot Debate Rises Among Christians On The New Tattoo Of Sonnie Badu

People on social media are split on whether having tattoo is positive thing or sin in God’s eyes.
This discussion began when they noticed tattoo on gospel singer Sonnie Badu’s arm.
Sonnie Badu published photo of himself ministering on Ivory Coast in white shirt that showed off the tattoo in now-deleted Instagram post.

“All of my BaduNation citizens are coming to this initiative from Ghana, Nigeria, Atlanta, and Canada… 

Abidjan, Ivory Coast — you are going to meet the BADUfamily… 
He captioned the photo, “They were carefully selected and are exceptionally proficient in their craft.”

The photo, however, did not receive the attention that Sonnie Badu had hoped for. Some folks in the comments section thought that the singer’s tattoo was ungodly.

“Did you know that tattoos are frowned upon by God?” “I genuinely appreciate your songs,” one user remarked, “but this tattoo on your hand, and as a man of God, you should know better.”

Others, however, stated that no one has the authority to pass judgment on the singer’s lifestyle choices.

“Can we leave everyone’s problem up to God to decide whether it’s good or bad?” Ah, e levy has arrived; my wage has already been taxed, therefore e levy is going to charge me again. That’s my problem, not someone else’s personal style. “Let’s eat from our own homes and stop interfering with other people’s affairs,” another commenter said.


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