Is the ECG safe?

We live in an era as electricity is used for almost everything. Man has become reliant on electricity, from which he derives his income.

‘Dumsor’ has become a part of our daily lives in Ghana. Why? Because, while we are told that the effect of ‘dumsor’ is due to ‘power shortages,’ ‘construction works,’ and the like, what has been done in all the years since the ‘dumsor’ began in Ghana? What plans have been put in place to conceal up to 80% of Ghana’s ‘dumsor’ rates?

Kumasi and other parts of Ghana have recently been hit by ‘dumsor.’ When asked why, GRIDCo stated that “the power outages in the Ashanti region will continue until December 20, 2021, as a result of ongoing works on three damaged GRIDCo towers at Bogoso.”

The director of Northern Network Services at GRIDCo went on to say that they were able to fix one and are attempting to fix the other two. But the question is how three GRIDCo towers were damaged at the same time. That we are not told, and we are forced to live in darkness as a result of someone else’s error. In all of this, man will be taxed when his daily income is slashed to smithereens due to someone’s short-term plan.

The heartbreaking part is when a prepaid loaded four or five days before the end of a month vanishes at the start of a new month, leaving man in the dark and no choice but to purchase another amount of credit from our dearest ECG vendors. When we ask why, we are told that we are taxed for things like street lights and the like.

Going to their office or calling their office to ask why a credit purchased four to five days before the end of the month is deducted at the start of the next month is a waste of time. This is because you will be given hardly a reasonable account of what happened, and the manner in which you will be spoken to will be nothing to write home about.

While all of this is going on, a man who uses electricity will buy 50cedis worth of prepaid twice a month to enable him to work and make ends meet, when he would normally buy 30cedis worth of prepaid once a month. On top of all of this, man will still be taxed for things he does not need. Someone will sit in his office somewhere and conjure up an idea, tax it, and then send it to the legislature for review. The bill will then be passed, and man will suffer as a result of it.

The poor will always be poor, and the rich will always be rich, because the rich are unwilling to give a poor man a certain amount of power and the ability to voice his opinion. Man will remain in the dark until the remaining two towers are repaired, and work with electricity will be limited. Ghana will always be a developing country as a result of all of these factors.



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