At a glance, the first part of the theme, may look absurd and unserious to you and the second part rather might be your reality and reasoning. This is how subconsciously, societal narratives of life, and your personal experience (bitter) in life make you think.

The world is a very malleable place. If you know what you want, and you go for it with maximum energy and drive and passion, the universe would often reconfigure itself around you much more quickly and easily than you would think.

There is nothing like a negative energy. All energies (people, events, circumstances, etc.) only come to actually fortify us and make us who we so desire to be. The only difference is that, the way and manner we envisage life to be, isn’t what we see, however, it is often what we need to be, at a given time.

You often think life is a warfare between you and the universe (situations, people, things). In our local Language, “Obra y3 oko`” , that notion is confirmed. No, rather, You and the universe are one; an entity. You need no “struggle” to survive. There is nothing like survival of the fittest in this human cosmic space (universe).

If you understand that you are a part of the universe and make it whole, then there is no war, or fight – No struggle. It’s just a matter of a role to play as a significant part of the whole universe, in order to be useful in (to) the universe.

Even at the lowest moment of your life, your role in any form or magnitude is very crucial. Only with this, life would make meaning to you and you would “fit” in situations in the universe as a part of a whole, rather than being a lost, hopeless and a failed being – totally misplaced from the universe. “As you get misplaced, the universe in its own intrinsic make- up, connects with another being more “fitting” to assume your part of the whole.”

That is when you totally get hopeless (disconnected) and even would want to vanish (take your life) from the scorches of the universe. Just accept and make the best out of all circumstances and people – for these are exactly what you need to get to your concieved idea of success and remain intact and a solid part of the universe.

That is how nature ( the universe) “plays” with us; let’s win the “game”. Life is a play (you have a role at all times of your life to stay relevant – hence, there is no useless moment of your life), not war (survival of the fittest) where people who lack this wisdom, even can kill or lose themselves just to “survive”. Life is a play, not war.

Continue to stay relevant in your own space and circumstances and never fall out of the whole of this universe.

Mr. Hko ( Writer and Coach)
Facebook: HK Ocran
Instagram: mr._hko

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