She has a secret. A secret to which her siblings know of that the world does not know. But there’s the biggest secret of all her hidden secrets to which is unknown to the world including her family. Her nightmares gets worse each passing day. And she gets much more withdrawn from her siblings after each nightmare. As to why she gets those nightmares, it is known to her sister’s only. But what of the panic attacks too? Nobody knows the answer to that except her siblings.

He’s the baddest among his brothers. He’s the most deadliest when the beast is let out. But what and who triggers the beast to come alive is known to he and his family. Everyone in his family moves farther away from him because his aura has a whole lot of coldness in it. He is known by all as a player. He has played so many girls but has never fucked any, although the girls always have the mindset that they get fucked by him. Only his brothers know how he goes about playing these girls, and as to why he doesn’t fuck the girls he plays, only his brothers know.

What happens when he makes her sign a ‘Slave Contract’?



‘Hello Professor Camille!’

‘Hello Madam Principal’.

‘How’s everything going Camille?’

‘All is well Madam Principal’.

Principal Anaïs is a very strict, well built, smart and nice woman who looks like a teenager. She’s not all that tall neither is she all that short. Her structure is well admired by people cos she has that of a teen’s structure. She’s the principal of Université  de Paris- Dauphine, a top most recognized university in Paris.

Camille is a Professor in the university. She teaches Criminology as a course in that university.

‘I’ve brought you new students’, Principal Anaïs said to Camille with a smile on her face.

‘Oh nice!’, Camille exclaimed. Behind the Principal are four young lads. ’They look like quadruplets’.

‘We’re quadruplets’, a blonde haired with a gum in her mouth says with an annoyingly duh tone.

‘Is that so?, Principal Anaïs asked Camille oblivious to the remark passed out by one of the lads, ‘Well I can see that you’re already interested, so they’re your students from now onwards’. Principal Anaïs left the young lads with Camille in the lecture hall to her office.

‘Well it seems that you’re stuck with me then’, Camille said to us with beams of smiles. She seems to like smiling a lot. ‘Introduce yourselves to the class and take your seats, we’ll talk later’, she said with a smile plastered on her face, again.

‘She’s Grace Louis,’ she pointed to petite lad with a shoulder level dark black hair and spectacles, ‘I’m Genevieve Louis,’ the lad with a gum in her mouth said, ‘she’s also Gabrielle Louis,’ she pointed to another petite lad with a wavy blonde hair. ‘And she’, pointing to the last lad with a blonde lengthy hair, ‘ is Garnelle Louis’, Genevieve rapped in a minute.

Grace, which is moi-même, I’m the eldest, followed by Genevieve, then Gabrielle and lastly our baby Garnelle. We always do our stuffs in this position, starting from me to our baby Garnelle. We’re all aged 20. We’re petite and very cute, well my sisters are not me. Who’ll say I’m cute with this my spectacles. And lastly, we are indeed quadruplets.

‘I guess that’s all then, a very simple introduction?’, Processor Camille said with a hint of uncertainty and continued with ‘ alright then, take your seats’.

‘Where exactly please?’, Gabrielle asked politely.

‘Ok for now, there are only two seats behind the class, so two of you should sit for the time being while I make provisions for extra two later’, she responded with a smile’

For some minutes we don’t move an inch, and for some reason we didn’t seem bothered about it. Like not at all. Professor Camille looked at us surprisingly with her phone in her hand.

‘I thought I told you to sit down’, Camille said in a frustrating voice and a furrowed brow since we have made up our minds not to comprehend her.

Genevieve looked at the Professor with a ’really’ expression for a minute and adds ‘You said two of us should sit down, not all of us‘, cutting off the Professor’s next speech.

‘The thing is one can’t sit and leave the other standing. Like who’s doing the sitting and who’s doing the standing. It’s either we all sit or we all stand. C’est tous sans aucune problème’,  Garnelle added.

The class boomed with ‘ooo’s’ and ‘aaaa’s’  after her speech leaving the Professor more surprised than before.

‘I can’t believe I’m about doing this’, Professor Camille exhaled air and continued with ,’the class is over for now. We’ll meet again next time. You four, follow me’. She packed her books and left the lecture theater with the class full of laughter. We followed her quietly. I can’t believe we’re getting into trouble just on our first day at school. Just wow!

‘You can sit down’, Professor Camille told us after offering herself a seat in her office.

The office is grand with a tiled floor and painted walls of blue and white color. To the right of the room is a neatly arranged sofa with a center table. To the right corner is a bookshelf full of different sizes of books. She must read a lot. But what do you exactly expect from a professor?

Beside the bookshelf is a small cabinet where she keeps her documents. To the left side of the room is a TV set and a mini frigo. There’s an air conditioner at the uppermost part of the left side of the room. The windows are tinted pale with nice yellow and blue curtains covering them. She has two windows in her office.

In the middle of the room is her desk. The desk is glass made and a very large one at that. At the front of the desk are four single chairs and behind the desk is a swivel chair on which she is sitting. On top of the desk is a computer, which is on the right side of the desk, a document case behind the computer, a printer, which is on the left side of the desk and in the middle are some documents she’s working on- I think. The two windows are behind her…….

‘Aren’t you sitting?’, Professor Camille ask us disrupting my thoughts. We immediately take our seats in front of her desk. Well she got saved since the chairs were four or else these girls would have fired her with……

‘Grace!’, the girls screamed in my ears putting me into the surprise mood then the anger mood at once.

‘Sorry’, they chorused. I rolled my eyes at them. ‘But Camille is…….’

I furrowed my eyebrows.

‘Yh, actually Professor Camille said we can call her Camille when we’re with her and add the Professor when people are around. Were you listening at all?’, Gabrielle said and asked me at the same time. Yh, that’s Gabby for you, literally saying something and asking questions at the same time.

I rolled my eyes at her.

But she being Gabby still continued with her speech. ‘Camille is quite good and easy to say, adding the Professor makes it very long and……

҈  ҈   ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈

Today was very frustrating  and humiliating at school. School today has totally ruined my mood. Like when does something not ruin your mood? What happened to first impression counts. I am at my balcony thinking of what happened today, I mean at the cafeteria, when my sisters walked in on me, calling me out of my thoughts.

‘You know you guys can’t be doing that all the time’, I say with a furrowed brow.

‘Did you see your face?’, Gabby says in between laughter.

‘Just say whatever you want and leave me alone’, I retort back whiles entering my room with my sisters at my tail.

‘Tell her and let’s get the fuck outta here’, Genevieve said annoyingly.

I don’t even get her problem. Who forced her to be in my room in the first place. She should get out if she’s gonna be giving me those cold shoulder thingy.

‘Naa, you tell her’, Gabby replied referring to Garnelle.

‘ I can’t, you two do the talking and besides aren’t you two older than me?’, Garnelle retorted.

They went on arguing for some minutes on who should tell me what. Like are they really serious at all.

‘Enough’, I yelled at them, ‘what is it that you guys wanna tell me. Just say it and get the hell outta my room. And if you guys know it’s very stupid and it will get on my nerves just leave’.

I sat on my bed and I noticed them using their eyes to communicate with each other. I got frustrated with what they were doing in my room at that moment. I kept rubbing my temples with my fingers thinking of what to tell these crazy girls who call themselves my twin sisters when Genevieve cut my thoughts with,

‘Haven’t you gotten over it?’

‘Mmmm’, I gave her the I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about look. When Gabby sat to my left and Garnelle sat to my right with Genevieve in front of me with a displeased look, I knew they were at it again.

‘Seriously guys I’m really not in the mood for this right now’.

‘Grace’, Garnelle said holding my hands in hers, ‘You’ve gotta get over it’.

‘Not even have to, she must’, Genevieve added with a frown plastered on her face. I frowned at her.

‘Grace leave the past in the past and look up to the future. I mean you have a lot of life in front of you but you’re still brooding over the past, and it’s destroying you’.

Gabby stood up and with her hands on her waist, continued Garnelle’s line with, ‘You’ve totally changed. I mean you barely smile off-late, you’ve stopped having fun, you hate everything sports, and why are you wearing spectacles?’

‘Gabby is right Ciella. You’ve stopped….’

‘Enough guys. First of all I hate that name and secondly I’ve heard enough from you three’. I stood up from their mist. ‘Lastly I’ve told you guys never to repeat this routine ever again. I do what I do cos I want to do it that way and it’s none of your business’.

‘It’s our business Grace’, Garnelle said in between tears, ‘ Can’t you see that we’re incomplete without you’.

‘Incomplete? What incompleteness are talking of here’, I literally screamed at them, ‘ Whatever it is, is actually none of my business. You guys are grown up ass lads, you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do’.


‘I’ve had enough of you three. Now get the hell outta my room. NOW!’,I yelled at them. They left my room devastated but I really don’t care, maybe just a tiny bit. With the door been banged I knew they had left.

I sat back down and in tears brooded over all that has happened in the day so far.

‘I’m so sorry guys. It will take a bit longer before I forget that incident cos it keeps haunting me’. I cried my heart out to sleep.

This house looks familiar. Wait! That’s Daniella. But what is she doing…..



‘Ciella!. Ciella please help me! Please help me!’, she said in tears.

‘Ella stay where you are. I ‘m coming for you’, I screamed back in tears.

I entered the gate to the house and started running towards my baby girl. I kept running but the house seemed to move farther away from me.

‘Daniella, Daniella!’, I yelled her name.

‘Ciella please don’t leave me, I’m scared’, she shouted in tears.

I kept on yelling her name to stay calm cos I’m coming for her while running towards her and she also kept telling me not to abandon her. Then the laughter. That laughter! I’ll recognize that laughter anywhere easily. The voice! It’s….it’s the same ….it’s the same as him! I recognize his voice. It’s his voice! What’s he doing here. I started panicking…

‘Aaaarrrggghhh!’, Ella screamed.

‘Nooooo’!, I screamed back in tears.

Suddenly there’s blood on my hands.

‘You killed her!’, the voice accused me, ‘You’ve finally succeeded in killing her’.

‘No! It’s not possible’, I said in tears, ‘I didn’t do it!’

‘Yes you did’, he replied.

Different voices started accusing me of killing Daniella…

‘You killed her Grace’,

‘You killed my daughter….’

‘You’ve finally killed my sister…’

I covered my ears with my hands but their voices became much more louder than before. ‘STOP IT!’, I screamed.

But there was still blood on my hands although the accusing voices have stopped tormenting me. Deep red liquefied substance. Her blood. My hands are stained with my baby’s innocent blood.

‘No it can’t be possible, she’s still alive’, I said in tears.

I stood there in the room looking for a way out to reach her but the writings my eyes caught on the wall broke me down totally. ’YOU’RE NEXT CIELLA!’

I got weak in the knees. As I stood there shaking the voice came again, ‘I’m coming for you’.

I took to my heels to find an escape route out of the room. ‘Get her back now’, the voice ordered some people angrily.

I kept on running hoping to get out of the room. I couldn’t stop to rest cos I could still hear heavy footsteps behind me. I kept on running in tears. I was tired and panting but I couldn’t stop with the fear of what would happen to me if I got caught by them.

The footsteps got closer then I was struggling in someone’s arms.

‘Finally I got you Ciella’, the voice said with a pint of satisfaction and victory in his voice while his boys burst into fits of laughter.

I kept on struggling in his arms with the hope that I could free myself but stopped abruptly with my heart in my mouth when I heard someone unzipping.

‘No! No, no, no, no, this can’t be happening’, I said struggling tiredly in my tears.

‘Stretch her!’, the voice commanded his boys strictly.

I screamed my heart out at that command.

I stood up abruptly and found myself on the cold tiled floor in my room, covered in sweats. It happened again. Yep, for the past one year now after ‘that incident’, I’ve been having sweet dreams, not.

I went to my bathroom and showered then changed my clothes, afterwards resorted to reading a novel, my routine after every nightmare. I’ve even stopped sleeping on the bed totally cos of my nightmares. I might wake up in the hospital again if I sleep on the bed although I get nightmares anywhere I sleep, but the floor is better than the bed. I can fall from the bed and hit my head but the floor, well it’s a bit safe?

I stood up and went to wash my hands again thinking that there’s still blood stains left on my hands even though I’ve showered. Then I went back to finishing the novel I started reading.



‘It’s so good to be back home, don’t you think so?’, Daine asked me.

‘Mmmm’, I responded uninterested in the conversation as we alighted our jet.

‘We’ as in my three brothers and I. You could say we’re quadruplets cos we’ve been together since we met. Daine and I are really twins and my parents adopted Danielle and Danton a year later. They’re also twins but abandoned by their parents. Daine and I are aged 21 and Danielle and Danton are aged 20 but we don’t care about our age. We also don’t make Danielle and Danton feel left out. Since infancy we behaved like the quadruplets we should be. We all act like 21 years of age. We’ve never met any other quadruplets since our infancy and we’re very positive we’ll never meet any.

I go by the name Derrick and my twin brothers are Daine, Danielle and Danton respectively. We attend Université de Paris- Dauphine. The principal is our aunt and they are twins. Although we attend the same school with low-class people, we don’t associate with them. Unless you’re a basketball player, but yet still after practice it’s just us four brothers.

Our dad, Mr. Raphael Dareel is one of the biggest and richest business tycoons in the country and as well as three other countries. Our mom, Mrs Louise Dareel is the C.E.O of one of dad’s companies in the USA. Everyone in France knows of the Dareel’s Group of Companies and no one dares to mess with them unless you want to visit the devil in hell early. Everyone is afraid of us. Well everyone except for the ‘G4 Group of Companies’. They’re  the no. 1 most richest and biggest business tycoons in the country. They’ve extended their business to 7 other countries whiles ours is just 3 other countries making us the second most richest, with them taking the first place.

The more reason why I hate them to the core. The owner is named Mr. Arthur Louise. It’s known that he has 3 children, two sons of which one is young and a daughter. The daughter is the last of the three children but she died in an accident a year ago. No one knows what happened before the accident and what happened afterwards.

Don’t judge me yet, the fact that they’re our enemy doesn’t mean I can’t get information on them. One must know the enemy’s weakness right? But I’m eager to find out…..

‘Can’t you watch where you’re going? Imbecile!’, Danton shouts at a guy interrupting my thoughts.

‘I can’t believe the moment we dropped down we’re heading to school’, Danielle whined face-palming, ‘God why us? What wrong did we ever commit?, he asked no one in particular.

Daine hit his head, ‘Stop messing around dude’.

‘Ouch! I’ve told you to stop hitting my head’, Danielle whined again arranging his jet-black hair.

‘Okay our rides are here. Let’s hit the road guys’, Danton interrupted their argument while walking towards his black sports car.

We all walk towards our black sports car with our respective bodyguards following us. Within the next hour we’re at the entrance of the school building.

‘You ready guys?’, I asked them through the mini bluetooth speaker in our cars.

‘Yh’, they chorused back.

‘Alright then, let’s do this!’.

We got out of our cars and with our backpacks strapped on our shoulders, we headed towards the school building.

҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈

‘I hate this Professor’.

‘Genevieve, this is our first time of us going to be in his class’, Gabrielle retorted.

‘Well all the same this Professor is….’

‘School is unusually quiet this morning’, Gabby said cutting off  Genevieve, oblivious to her frown, while rummaging through her locker.

Some girls run past us hurriedly, making their phones ready. To do what actually? Maybe to take pic– my sub conscience answered my question. It was supposed to be a rhetorical question. Whatever!– she retorted back. I rolled my eyes at her.

Soon screams filled the hallway. ‘So much for ‘unusually quiet morning’, Gabby said amiss laughter. Well I guess that happens to be her answer, for now!

‘I thought this is a university, so what’s with the yelling and screaming?’, Gabby asked in a more serious tone.

‘I don’t know and I don’t give a fu… What the hell?’, Garnelle remarked with a surprise tone. She tapped me to take a look at what she’s talking about since I’m the only one oblivious to what’s going on in the hallway.

I shot her a glare but it seemed that her attention was focused at the entrance of the hallway and whatever that’s happening there.

I sighed and pushed my spectacles up the bridge of my nose and then focused my attention to the entrance of the hallway with an expressionless look on my face. But what I saw shocked me to the bones. Like I’ve met quadruplets but not of the same genes. I thought we would be the only quadruplets in this institution. Then guess again babe – my sub said.

At the entrance of the hallway stood four handsome and cute….wait what? Handsome and cute? Scratch that, just four guys. Their expressions and looks screamed rich badass dudes. Then stay away from them. I never said I was getting closer to them anyway. But they look like demi-gods, gosh such beauty. I rolled my eyes at her childishness.

Fed up from looking at them, I returned my gaze back to my novel. Then the comments started flooding the hallway from various angles;

‘Whoah you guys look much more hotter today’.

‘ Please look my way…’

‘Lemme take a pic of you..’

‘Please sign an autograph for me..’

The comments kept coming on and on and on, mostly from girls. And I mean they’re calling these arrogant jerks ‘hot?’ Like really hot? They should wait until they see my brother. That’s a definition for hot. A shiver went down my spine when I remembered my brother. Forget about that asshole, he’s not worth your love anymore. I mean not after what he did to you and…. Why do I have the feeling that these girls beside me are planning on sabotaging the arrogant jerks entrance? I asked her stopping her speech. What makes you say that? – my sub asked me. See the look on their faces, I replied. I just  rolled my eyes at their comments and concentrated on my novel.

Their screams got louder as the jerks neared us. Honestly, they’re annoying the hell outta me right now with their stupidity. Can’t they quit the screaming? I mentally face-palmed.

Suddenly the place got quiet. It was so quiet that I’m sure you would hear a pin drop. Finally some quietness. I really must finish this novel today by all means.

Gabby nudged me stopping me, again, from reading my delicious novel. I looked up with a ‘really’ expression imprinted on my face only to meet the gazes of the four jerks boring into our innocent souls.

I realized their shades were off and they’re no longer on their phones. They really have beautiful eyes, I gotta give that to them. Are you gawking at them right now, like in this situation?– my sub asked me. I mentally rolled my eyes at her. See who’s complaining now.

But wait a minute, not only the guys are staring at us. It’s like the people in the hallway seemed to be frozen with their gazes on us. Okay what happened here? I pinched the bridge of my nose obviously displeased with the tension in the atmosphere. I was about going back to my novel when Garnelle spoke up;

‘Let’s get  to class shall we? We don’t wanna be late for our first class for the day’, earning a chuckle from both Genevieve and Gabby.

Genevieve locked up her locker and with a click of her tongue, made her way through the people towards class with Gabby trailing her. Garnelle dragged me along towards class cos I was obviously confused with the whole situation. What the hell happened back there cos I could still feel the jerks gaze on our retreating figures. A shiver run down my spine.

Once seated in class, I turned my gaze to my sisters for an explanation as to what happened back there. But all I got was a shrug from Garnelle and Gabby, the other one didn’t even bother to spare me a glance.

Students started trouping in. Some just whispered among themselves before taking their seats, others shot us angry stares before taking their seats. You know, now I’m very eager and curious to know what really happened back there cos these glares are something else. I shook my head. So much for second day at our new school.



Remembering the incident that occurred totally pisses me off. First of all they’re quadruplets and secondly they behaved as if they owned the school.

<<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<  <<

‘You ready guys?’, I asked my brothers through the mini speakers in our cars.

‘Yh!’, they said in unison.

‘Alright, let’s do this!’

We stepped out of our rides with our shades on and our backpacks strapped on our shoulders. Upon entering, we were greeted with screams all over campus. That’s more like it. The almighty D4 is back again.

Daine was playing game on his phone. Danielle was doing…ewww…. forget what he’s doing on his phone cos there’s no way I’m saying that. Damon had air-pods in his ears and winking at the lads busily screaming our names. I had to divert my gaze to my phone cos there were a lot of messages I needed to reply to. Our guards were doing their best keeping the girls from tearing us into pieces.

Then I spotted them. Four identical lads. Please don’t tell me they are….what the fuck! They are quadruplets. I think my brothers also noticed them cos they were the only students oblivious to what was happening then in the hallway, especially the one reading.

We just decided to ignore them cos for them to be quadruplets, to me and my brothers, was an abomination. The students had no idea as to why we stopped, so they used this opportunity to take pic of us. We resumed our walk in the hallway until one made a remark.

‘I can’t believe they’re drooling and screaming out the names of these useless arrogant jerks’, the one rummaging through her locker said. The other twins, apart from the one reading, chuckled out loud.

Everywhere became quiet to the extent you could hear a pin drop. Even the guards stopped pushing people away from us and stopped dead in their tracks. From the look on their faces they are praying really hard that there would be no bloodshed.

All the students gathered around us to see what would transpire between the two quadruplets. I could feel my blood boiling, and I’m guessing my brothers bloods too. Like what the fuck! They have the audacity!

We took off our shades and with our hands in our pockets faced them. And the most annoying part is that they didn’t seem to be intimidated by gazes on them and why suddenly the place was quiet. I mean not even a slight trace of fear was shown on their faces, again, except the one reading.

The last girl nudged the one reading a novel who hasn’t stopped reading ever since we stopped in front of them. Everyone was anticipating what will transpire between the two quadruplets. Upon raising her head from her novel, she pushed her spectacles up towards her eyes and looked from one sister to another with a wondering look. Was she so into the novel that she looks oblivious to what happened here? I mean, right in front of her?

‘Let’s get to class, we’ll be late’, the lad beside the one who was rummaging through her locker said. The specs lad looked confused. So she has no idea about what happened here….I guess. The lad who nudged the specs girl chuckled after that comment. Daine shook in anger beside me.

Then the lad who chuckled grabbed the lad who was reading the novel….towards their class I guess. I can’t believe how a simple comment has made the almighty D4 rooted to the same spot for almost 30 minutes now. We gotta do something about these lads and we’ll definitely close their chapter in this institution.

With our bloods boiling with anger, we left for our den, with the guards shivering behind us.

>>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>

‘Do you know the most annoying part’, Daine asked pausing to drink water, ‘We’re in the same fucking classes with them’. He concluded smashing the glass against the wall. I could feel anger seething from him.

‘If not all, at least each one of us is in class with one of them’, Danton said half-yelling.

‘But all the same they kinda look gorgeously hot’, Danielle said suddenly out of nowhere. He’s even licking his lips, perv much. I shot him a hard glare. His concentration was on his phone. When he realized the room was unusually quiet, he raised his head to see glares being thrown his way but he just shrugged with it’s-the-fucking-truth attitude and chuckled afterwards.

‘So you think this is funny?’, Daine asked him almost attacking him.

‘It’s nothing but the truth and you guys are just refusing to see it’, he answered casually, chuckling.

I don’t blame him though, once a playboy always a playboy. Stupid jackass. Danton, as usual, got in between their argument, to stop them from biting their heads off.

‘We gotta do something about them before they ruin our reputation’, I suggested.

‘Exactly’, Daine spatted out of anger, ‘If  not, our image would be tarnished’.

‘So what should we do to them?’, I asked amiss their arguments.

‘Nothing’, Danielle replied earning a glare from Daine.

‘We can’t just do nothing. We must crush their ego’, I said with a smirk etched on my face.

‘Whatever you guys do to those lads I’m out’, Danielle replied leaving for his room. Yh we’re currently at the D4 Suite.

‘Why don’t we torture them emotionally’, Daine said with a grin plastered on his face.

‘I agree with you. Honestly for the first time you’re now speaking some sense’, I said smirking.


‘I think I agree with Danielle. Let’s not do anything to them, for now’, Danton said doubtfully.

‘You think?’, I huffed. There’s something wrong with my brothers today. What did those lads do to them.

‘I’m not sure, I dunno dude’, he shrugged.

‘I still vote NO for whatever you guys say’, Danielle screams from the staircase.

I only showed him my middle finger as a reply.

‘Fuck off’, Daine yelled at him.

‘Well since we all do not agree we ain’t doing anything to them’, Danton clarified standing up from his seat.

‘For now’, I and Daine said simultaneously with smirks on our lips.

This is so gonna be fun by the time we’re done with those lads.

҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈ ҈

‘WHAT!’, I yelled totally displeased after they narrated what happened in school yesterday. And they decided to tell me on our way to school today. Do these girls wanna kill me already. When will Genevieve actually do a sensible thing once in her lifetime? I started rubbing my fingers against my temples. I was totally frustrated. I tend to that whenever I’m frustrated, it kinda calms me down a bit. But now, I ain’t calm at all, not even a little bit. I was more than frustrated.

I know those guys will surely do something considering the fact that they kept throwing glares at our way whenever they had the chance to. From what I’ve heard from students about the Deadly 4, I know they can even go to the extent of hurting my sisters and nobody will do anything about it.

I was still in deep thoughts when Gabby pulled me towards a taxi cab by my arm. When did they even hail a cab over. I really hate how I’m feeling now. I’m too frustrated to think straight.

Throughout the car ride, I kept thinking of ways they would hurt my sisters and probably me too, but nothing was coming to my mind. I glanced at the girls and they didn’t even seemed to be perturbed about the outcomes of their sudden outburst yesterday. Why? Cos they think I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to them. Well, to some extent that’s true but now I’m not too sure of my potentials anymore. Not after that accident. I sighed.

The cab stopped in front of the school and we got down. The annoying part is that I could see some kind of repentance in the eyes of Gabby and Garnell, but in the eyes of Genevieve, it seemed to me like she was having fun with what she did and she isn’t stopping anytime soon.

We made our way towards the school, each in her own thoughts. But why do I have the feeling that Genevieve knew exactly what she did. It’s like she’s planning something big. More like wanna put you into trouble and pain ‘again’. Finally the bitch decided to show up. Yo I ain’t no bitch cos I’m in your fucked up brain. More like a bi…..

‘Ouch!’, I cried out after bumping into a hard brick or was it a wall? I don’t know cos the collision with the wall or brick or whatever it was, landed me straight to the floor. I had to cry out cos my butt hurts like crazy. The only choice I had was rubbing my butt and that’s when I took in my surroundings. We’re already in the hallway? Was I so deep in thoughts not to take notice of where I was going?

‘Can’t you watch where you’re going’, an angry voice boomed at me, ’You fucking messed up my shirt’.

I stood up from the floor fixing my self with a frown etched on my face. But wait, if we’re in the hallway already then this voice belongs to…..please let it not be who I’m thinking of.

‘Are you deaf and dumb too?, he half yelled.

Considering the fact that I’m seeing more than a pair of legs and a crowd has suddenly gathered, I knew instantly whom I bumped into.

‘Fuck this shit dude. If I knew she was dumb I wouldn’t have wasted my precious time in talking to this lowlife prick’, Derrick fumed. Yh, Derrick! Asshole.

Nevertheless, I fixed my spectacles well and lifted my eyes from the ground to meet two beautiful hazel blue eyes staring coldly into my dear innocent soul. Dumbfounded is an understatement. I was beyond dumbfounded. I really didn’t take notice of his features yesterday. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I again tried to say something but no words came outta my mouth.

Gabby and Garnelle looked at me in awe. Yh cos they thought as at the time he completed his bullshit, he would have been on the floor with blood oozing out of his nose. I can’t really do anything cos the situation here is different. If it was then, then he would have been in coma by now. I sighed frustratingly.

‘Well I guess she is really dumb’, one of his brothers backed him up.

‘Coming to think of it you know i have never heard her speak a word before’, another one added.

‘And how’s that your concern?’, Gabby asked him.

‘Oh the sibling of the deaf and dumb kid’, Derrick exclaimed and chuckled, earning rounds of laughter from his brothers and the crowd. He and his brothers started mocking Gabby.

Gabby looked like she was about to cry. I grew frustrated. Not because he insulted me but cos he was mocking my sis. I started rubbing my temples frustratingly by their mean statements. Like how can cute guys be so fucking mean. Gabby and Garnelle took slow steps backwards. Genevieve on the other hand was just enjoying the show. Bitchy much.

The guys furrowed their eyebrows waiting for my next action. Not only the boys though, it looked everyone gathered there at that moment wanted to see my reaction.

I opened my mouth but still no words came outta it. My sisters looked more shocked than myself. Frustrated, I threw my hands in the air, angrily grabbed my novel from the tiled floor and decided to walk out on them.

‘It’s that all you could do?’, Derrick asked me amiss chuckles. I looked back at him and studied his masculine cute face. His hazel blue eyes glittered in the daylight but there was a little hint of… is that hurt or betrayal? I couldn’t figure out cos one moment it’s there and the next it’s all cold. His jawline was really sharp and chiseled out well. It’s like his face was intentionally drawn before he was created. His pointed nose fitted his face very well and his lips…oh gosh… those pink lips of his lined up just above his bearded chin.

‘You done checking me out?’, he asked me with a smirk on those sumptuous lips of his. Okay I take my words back. He’s a total asshole. Such a pain in the ass. I wish I could kiss those tasty lips of his. I humped and rolled my eyes at him.

Since no words were coming to life from me, the only thing I could do was to leave the scene. And I did exactly that. But to leave I had to bypass the asshole. I bypassed him but got dragged back towards him by my wrist. I shivered when his hot breath fanned my bare neck. He chuckled, then released me. I knew he did that on purpose, that jerk. I closed my eyes and took in deep breaths.

‘You know I could have banged you by now but I don’t do ragged bitches like you’, Derrick said to me and smirked when I opened my eyes.

‘What the fuck!’, Garnelle exclaimed. I just shook my head at him and grabbed Garnelle who looked like she was about spilling blood’s hand away from the four monsters. Gabby followed suite. As for Genevieve it looked like she was not done having fun.

We stopped on our tracks when the word ‘Sluts’ kept resounding in my head. But the voice wasn’t Derick’s, rather it was one of his brother’s. My breath hitched when my brain kept repeating the word ‘Slut’ at almost every second. Gabby placed her hands on my shoulders and I calmed down my breathing.

When I was calmed enough to move, I made my way towards our class with Gabby and Garnelle right beside me. We ignored their disgusting remarks about us and headed to class. Upon entering, I realized Genevieve wasn’t with us. Why do I get the feeling that what will come next will make me look like a bad person. I shot my sisters a look and they just shrugged, walking towards their seats.

It’s time for Camille’s class. I sighed and walked towards my seat. I sat down and rested my head on my desk. Later, students started trouping into the class. The class was almost full but Genevieve wasn’t back. Honestly if the actions of this girl doesn’t kill me at the end of this semester then I’m sure I wouldn’t die again. I rubbed my temples feeling frustrated already.

‘You know you worry too much about the one person who wouldn’t think twice before shooting you in the head’, Gabby said to me. She’s 100% right girl, my sub added. I rolled my eyes at them.

‘Calm down, she’s fine’, Garnelle said soothing me.

‘Obviously’, Gabby retorted,’ And I know the outcomes of her being fine would put Grace in danger and at the end make her look like the bad one’, she concluded clicking her tongue.

And she’s right again, my sub said in chuckles. I rolled my eyes again. I know what they are saying is true but I can’t do anything about her, at least not now. And it’s all thanks to a promise you made mum? My sub or should I say the voice in my head asked me.

I sighed again and my sisters started to chuckle. I groaned but they kept chuckling. Really! Like really now!

Few minutes to the start of the class, Genevieve entered and walked towards her seat. Prof. Camille entered later and set up her documents on her desk. Then the four most arrogant assholes entered with their aura of superiority, not forgetting jerkiness. Before they sat down, one threw Genevieve a glare and she returned the glare.

Okay what the heck did she do again.



I nearly had an attack today – twice. Aaarrrggghhh! I hate those quadruplets so much, especially that Derrick. Jerk. Bastard. Asshole. And what did he say? He doesn’t do bitches? That asshole thinks I’ll fall for him. Look at a playboy who fucks anything in skirt calling me a bitch. Meanwhile all the girls he fucks are bitches. Or does he think that I’m one of his bitches? Fuck him! And that brother of his. What’s he called….Daine or something like that. He had the audacity to call my sisters and I sluts?

I would have recovered from the attack anyway cos I always make sure to take at least a syringe filled with my meds with me. I wanted pills but our family doctor said if I’m blacking out there wouldn’t be any time for me to swallow five pills at a go cos by the time I’m done swallowing the fifth pill, I would have been a goner and blah blah blah. So I settled with the syringe since I had no other option.

I so fucking hate those boys with passion. Annoying bastards. I really need a cold shower to calm my nerves and ease my frustration.

I left the balcony where I’ve been sitting brooding over the day’s problems for my room. I’ve even lost count of the time I’ve been sitting at my balcony. All because of four arrogant bastards.

I rubbed my temples. Gosh I’m so frustrated. I entered my bathroom and stripped myself outta my clothes. My spectacles followed next. Then I stood under the shower and allowed the cold water flow out and massage my body. Cold stuffs always calms down my boiling nerves.

After spending about 30 minutes in the bathroom calming my nerves, I felt relaxed and hungry. I wrapped myself in a towel – yellow in color. Yellow is my favorite color by the way. I wore my spectacles and headed out to my closet. I picked a baggie t-shirt and shorts. I dressed up and headed towards the kitchen outta my room to find something to eat.

Once In the kitchen, I prepared spaghetti for myself cos I was too lazy to cook and my sisters haven’t nagged me about being hungry either. Maybe they’re not around so spaghetti for myself.

Just 10 minutes and my food was ready. I poured it out into a plate and searched for a juice from the fridge, only to return to see Gabby and Garnelle eating my food.

‘Like seriously!’, I half-yelled at them. They didn’t seem to be bothered. They just continued eating my food. Furious, I poured myself some cereal and milk. Annoying creatures all around.

After eating my cereals in annoyance, I cleaned the used bowls and later on left for my room. Time to revise my notes.

But frankly speaking a lot has happened today on campus, my sub-conscience said out of the blue. ‘Those jerks!’, I yelled in frustration slamming my notes close. I hate them so much. Yh me too.

I left my notes and picked a novel – ‘Fifty shades of Grey’. I mean I picked this book three days today and I haven’t been able to finish cos of certain jerks and unwanted scenarios.

By the time I finished the novel, it was past 10pm. A yawn escaped my lips. I placed the novel on my bookshelf with ‘DONE’ boldly written on a placard, which has been pasted on a section of the bookshelf.

I changed into my yellow pajamas with the top having a picture of a bad girl cupping her breast whilst licking her red lips seductively together with patterns of kisses surrounding her. The shorts just had the kisses pattern. I took of my spectacles and picked up a pillow and a duvet from my bed. I placed the pillow on the cold tiled floor and rested my head on it, then covered myself with the duvet. Soon the darkness overcame me.

҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈  ҈

Here I am sitting in the cafeteria reading a novel ‘Dare to Love’ while my sisters sit in front of me eating their lunch. I was more concentrated on the novel than the food in front of me. I only take bites from an apple I took together with the macaroni and cheese my sisters ordered for me.

Genevieve walked up to us after a while with a tray filled with her own lunch and sat beside me. She left the class to only God knows where and is returning now! Unbelievable. Well nobody asked her where she went cos she would easily picked up a fight. She joins as when she feels like and does her own thing aside too. And that aside thing always put you into trouble. As for me, she hates me with passion. Reasons best known to her. And I on the other hand just can’t hate her even if whatever she does is bad and always land me into trouble. This is so because of a promise I made my mother. I still remember her words very clearly,’ Graciella, my jewel, promise me that whatever that Genevieve would do to you, you would never hate nor hurt her. She’s fragile and weak and you’re the only person who makes her think she’s strong’.

So here I am still loving a bitch as a sister and not shoving her head into her damn ass of hers.

I picked my apple and took a bite savoring it’s delicious taste in my mouth. Like cum. Eww! I twisted my face in disgust.

‘What’s up with y’a face?’, Gabrielle asked with her mouth full of spaghetti.

‘Don’t talk with food in your mouth’, Garnelle replied her while munching on a pie. Gabby showed her her middle finger.

I rolled my eyes at them. These two are just impossible. I returned my attention to my book while taking bites outta my apple until someone angrily pushed the cafeteria door open making it bang the wall behind it, creating an annoying noise.

Everybody in the cafeteria flinched and held some kinda fear in their eyes. Well everybody except me and my sisters. We just acted as if we didn’t care and we didn’t.

‘Where the fuck is that bitch?’ A voice boomed out. That voice. Aaarrgghhh that annoying voice! I thought I could I could have the rest of the week to myself without hearing his voice or seeing him, well apart from class though. It’s been two weeks since the incident of the outburst and I’m so trying not to create a name for myself.

I felt some presence behind me and Genevieve just burst into laughter. Is she alright. Why ask me. Whatever she did is surely gonna make you look bad. I nudged her. She glared at me.

‘What! So like now I can’t laugh at something from my own phone?’, she half-yelled.

Geez I’m just sitting right in front of you. Why the yelling. Gabby and Garnelle looked frozen. What the hell is going on behind me. Genevieve turned and froze. Wait what ? Froze? This news is shocking. But of late Gabby and Garnelle are not really clicking with Genevieve. Why ? I just shrugged.

Okay is it really that bad. Of course it is. I rolled my eyes at her. She grinned right back at me. She got nerves. I think you should check out the reason why the cafeteria is dead silent.

‘You could have fucking killed me’, the voice said again.

I turned and faced the almighty D4 fuming in anger. They all looked like they wanna spill some blood. But whose blood?

‘Ermm, honestly Derrick or whatever you call yourself’, Genevieve started and I knew it wasn’t gonna end well, ‘ who could have killed you and why does the person wanna kill you? You gotta be more specific’, she ended with a smirk on her face.

‘Specific! You want specifics? I’ll give you your damn specifics’, Daine roared. People started shivering in the cafeteria. ‘You fucking messed with my brother’s car’, he thundered.

‘Any evidence to back your claims?’, Genevieve asked Daine.

This girl gotta be kidding me. Is she really serious.

‘Errrmmm…. I think there would be a mixed up somewhere’, Gabby started.

‘Yh, the fact that she mocked you guys doesn’t mean whenever something happens to you it’s her fault’, Garnelle continued.

‘I knew her nitwit sisters will protect her’, Danton mumbled. But not low enough cos I heard it dumbo. I rolled my eyes.

Derrick fixed his hands in his pocket. Now that I look at him, he has some cut at upper part of his left eye and his lips. Noooo not our sumptuous lips. Quit it girl.

Derrick removed his hands and brought out his phone. His face had no emotion, not even a slight emotion. He had a straight face. And not only him, look at his brothers too. I stole a look at his brothers and they are all wearing a straight face. Serious. What really happened. What did Genevieve do this time around. You know I’m tired of this girl. So I’m I.

Gabby nudged me. I shot her a glance and she seemed to be in shock so was Garnelle. Why what’s happening?

Derrick played a video and what I saw nearly gave me a heart attack. What the hell is wrong with Genevieve. In the video was Genevieve tampering with Derrick’s car. Like why must she always go look for trouble for herself?

I shot Genevieve a glare, like not only me, both Gabby and Garnelle looked like they were about pouncing on her. I mean we stayed out of these jerks way for as long as we can and suddenly, boom! Genevieve looks for their trouble for us. The annoying thing is that she wasn’t bothered at all. She looked like she’s enjoying the show.

‘Do you know what you did?’, Derrick half-yelled at her.

‘Yh, I fixed your damn car’, she replied nonchalantly.

‘You nearly killed him, you bitch’, Daine yelled.

‘He nearly hit me with that car so I figured maybe it has a problem and I fixed it for him’, she replied again without any hint of regret in her eyes.

‘Did he ask for your services?’, Danton and Danielle asked at the same time.

‘Oh I did it for free. Aren’t I a nice person?’, she replied between laughter.

‘You fucking think this is funny?’, Daine yelled again.

What’s with him and yelling?

‘And what y’a gonna do about it , jerks!’

You know, Genevieve is getting on my nerves. Is she kidding me right now. These jerks are breathing like a bull who has targeted it’s next victim and she’s playing with them?

Derrick made a move on her and I got up standing in between them.

‘I didn’t ask for your help. I can handle this on my own.’, my bitch of a sister said annoyingly. I glared at her and she glared back at me, obviously not backing down. ‘Losers!’ she said  and clicked her tongue and that was the last stroke.

‘That does it’, Derrick barked angrily. He pushed me out of his way making me fall butt down, twisting my left ankle. He grabbed her by the collar, ‘ You really wanna die, don’t y’a?’, he asked her in his angry tone. The next thing that happened was Genevieve landing on the floor. Did he just kick her unto the floor? Ouch, that definitely hurts.

Genevieve winced in pain but recovered immediately and sat down with her legs crossed beneath her and her hands resting on the floor behind her.

‘It’s that all you’ve got?, she asked with a smirk on her lips.

‘Oh no, I ain’t even started yet’, he replied making another move on her again.

Garnelle stood up blocking his way from hitting her twin sister any further. ‘Please don’t do this, she doesn’t know what she’s doing,’ she said at the verge of tears.

‘Of  course I know exactly what I’m doing woman, if not I wouldn’t have fixed his….’

She couldn’t complete her sentence because a loud slap echoed in the cafeteria.

‘How dare you?’, Chloe shouted at Genevieve. Wait Chloe? Where the hell did she come from?

Fast review about Chloe.

She is the most meanest and stupidest bitch I’ve ever seen or met in my life. She is so obsessed about that jerk Derrick and she keeps throwing herself at him. A bitch for a jerk, makes sense to me!  Not forgetting she is a bully too. She’s made my life a living hell in school for the past 3 weeks we’ve been here, all in the name of she hasn’t heard me speak before and I look like someone she can easily pick on. She thinks I’m dumb. Even the professors have stopped asking me questions in class, since I won’t speak anyway.

Now back to the cafeteria.

Okay how and where did she just appear from. And Derrick is just standing there not doing anything. That jerk! Why would he even do something, she’s his bitch. I rolled my eyes. That’s when my eyes located Gabrielle helping Garnelle up from the floor. I was so focused on Derrick that I didn’t see Chloe push Garnelle outta the way. You were obviously drooling over him. Me, drooling? I rolled my eyes at her. Believe it or not, you were. She accused again.

Another sound erupted in the hall jolting me out of my thoughts. Garnelle was rubbing her cheeks.

‘How dare you stand in my way of slapping this useless bitch’, Chloe said to Garnelle. Garnelle looked scared, a lot. ‘Ok, where was I, yh I remember. You bitch…….’, Chloe started or should I say continued her speech which I wasn’t paying attention to.

I tilted my head to have a better look at the person who just brought my mum into this conversation. Like how dare Chloe insult my mum for not giving us good training. See who was given good training opening her legs for everything with a dick.

I got frustrated with the insults she was raining on my mum. It turned into a heated argument between Genevieve and Chloe. I started to rub my temples. Okay I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Chloe made an attempt to slap Genevieve again only for her hand to stop mid-air. I held her hand stopping her from “committing suicide”.

‘Who the hell stopped me from disciplining this bitch here?’, she turned and took her hand from my grabs. ‘oh it’s the dumb twin’. I rolled my eyes at her statement. Told y’a she was a bitch. ‘Today is not your day, lemme finish with her then I’ll come to you, ok ?’, she said to me pinching my cheeks.

Is she normal? How would I know.

She fixed her gaze on Genevieve with the intention of striking her again and I held her wrist again. Like who even called her into this fight. Derrick looked amused with the change of events unfolding in front of his eyes. Jerk! Allowing a bitch to fight your fights for you. I sighed. I was getting more and more frustrated.

‘I think that’s enough’, I said calmly still holding her wrist. She yanked her wrist from my hands and gasps echoed in the room. Yh I can speak assholes. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity. And how did you get here all of a sudden with a sprained ankle? I dunno, maybe some kinda adrenaline rush or something.

‘Oh so you can speak, I thought you were deaf and dumb’, Chloe said and chuckled. ‘But I ain’t done with her’, she said continuing with her assaults, ‘I’ll ….’

‘I said that’s enough already’, I growled at her in frustration and shot Genevieve a glare while rubbing my temples. She got up from the floor and backed down. She knew what would have happened to her if she didn’t back down.

‘Let’s just forget this ever happened’, I said calmly this time around.

‘Forget?’, Derrick thundered forcing me to face him, ‘Did you just say forget? Your sister fucking tried to kill me’. He humphed. Is he a bull or something?

I faced him well and looked at him from head to toe, ‘First of all she’s sorry’, I sighed, ‘ and secondly she was just trying to help your jerky ass’. If looks could kill I bet the look on his face right now can kill you. I shrugged. He started murmuring somethings to himself.

‘You’ll pay for this. This isn’t over’, Danton said angrily and then D4 boys stormed out of the cafeteria.

I turned to my sisters, ‘Shall we?’

‘Yes we shall’, Garnelle and Gabby responded in unison. Genevieve just grabbed her bag and walked out as if nothing happened.

I took a step and flinched. The pain in my ankle was damn unbearable. Thank God you realized your ankle hurts. I was starting to get worried. She said and face palmed shaking her head. Damn my conscience can be over-dramatic. Garnelle picked her bag and picked up mine in addition. Gabby picked up her bag and placed her hand around me. I guess we’re going in search of the infirmary.

That bitch of a sister didn’t even say thank you for what you did for her. Please let sleeping dogs lie.


Rumors were going around campus that Genevieve is going to be expelled. And guess who’s spreading the rumor. Of course if not for her then who else will waste the precious time doing useless stuffs like this. Chloe, that bitch! Can’t she just stop poking her nose in our affaires? I rolled my eyes.

As at now I was in the hallway with Gabrielle and Garnelle heading towards our class. And as usual her ‘royal highness’ is nowhere near us. I sighed.

‘Look what we have here’. I rolled my eyes at her annoying high-pitched voice while my sisters just hissed  out their annoyance.

‘Look Chloe we’re not in the mood to pick fights with you this early morning’, Gabrielle said. We bypassed her and her minions.

‘Don’t you wanna know who’s spreading the news that Genevieve is gonna be kicked outta the school?’, Chloe said with a slight grin on her man-made face.

Honestly I don’t know which is more annoying, her bossy-bitchy attitude or her annoying high-pitched voice. I really don’t wanna know who’s spreading the news, cos it’s obvious who’s doing that. I rolled my eyes. I made to leave once more.

‘It’s Derrick’, she replied nonetheless, still with the grin plastered on her face, halting me in my steps.

‘That’s not true. We know you’re the one spreading that fake news’, Garnelle says counterattacking her.

‘Believe it or not buh that’s the truth. Why don’t you go check the school’s platform and find out who posted the news first, adios!’, she retorted and with one swing  of her blonde hair over her shoulders, she cat-walked out on us with her two fishes trailing behind her. Don’t those two have anything proper to do with  their time?

‘Should we check?’, Garnelle asked me. I rolled my eyes. You know if you keep rolling your eyes like that, they will just pop out, my conscience yelled at me. I just wanna kill her. You can’t kill me, if I die you die too, she responded smirking.

‘Why should we? It’s not like what that wench said is true’, Gabby replied. ‘Or?’, she asked me. I just shrugged and we headed to class.

It looked like everyone is on the phone and murmuring to themselves. We took our seats while they kept pressing their phones.

‘Okay I’m checking’, Gabby says taking out her phone from her handbag. I thought she didn’t wanna check.

Garnelle looked over Gabby’s shoulder. Too eager to know.

Ermmm….. Grace you gotta see this one’, Gabrielle says shoving the phone in my face. Ok now chill. Like what could be worse than……

‘Whaaaaatttttttt’, I screamed , more like half yelled, gaining those in class’ attention. The first message was posted by…… Chloe was right all along. I should have seen this coming. The message reads;

‘That bitch is gonna regret messing with me. Her first punishment will be being expelled from this school. By the time I finish with her……’

That bastard. Jerk. Geez he’s so fucking annoying. She only tampered with your car not massacre your mother, why make it a big deal.

I stopped reading the comments and handed the phone back to Gabby. She’ll be expelled by Monday and today’s Friday, gosh can’t I catch a little break from all these dramas. What to do, what to do, what to do! I pinched the bridge of my nose and fixed my spectacles well.

Come to think of it I hardly seen the boys since the incident happened which was two days ago. So is she really going to be be expelled? I gotta do something about it but what can I do?

Genevieve enters the class and all attention is on her. She just hissed and took her seat by me.

“You know you  are going to be expelled right?”, Gabrielle asked her



‘Yah so?’

‘What an attitude, you are not even bordered about this at all’, Gabrielle seemed shocked.

I really can’t believe she doesn’t even care at all. I mean it’s the D4 we are talking about here and not just any squad. Ever since she read about the attacks done by the D4 on people she has been more afraid of them.

‘They are just bluffing. They wanna instill fear in me so I apologize to them but that ain’t happening’, Genevieve remarked smirking.

I really hope so.

Students start to troop into the class, filling their seats. The D4 are still not in class. I know they like dramatic entrances but today I’m not sure their entrance will be dramatic. The Professor walks in shortly afterwards and begins his lecture.

Halfway through the lecture, the Principal’s voice echoed through the mini-speakers in our lecture halls,

‘Will Genevieve Louis report herself to the Principal’s office now!’

And that does it. She’s in so much trouble now. Genevieve flinches after the broadcast. A minute ago she was all like’ they wanna instill fear in me so I apologize to them but that ain’t happening’, and now she’s scared. What a bitchy bitch.

‘Someone’s in hot soup’, Chloe says obviously happy with the outcomes.

‘Genevieve please exit the class’, the Professor speaks up adjusting his glasses.

She unwillingly stands up from her seat and storms outta the class. Chloe burst into laughter, followed by her two fishes, throwing the class into an uproar of murmurs.

‘Silence!’, the Professor yells quieting the class down. He then continues with his lecture.

After few minutes I lost interest in the lecture. Is she gonna be okay? What is going to happen to her now? You’re supposed to be in class not out of it. It doesn’t matter anyway. He won’t ask me any question cos I barely speak in class. You’re so impossible.

Genevieve entered 30 minutes to the end of the lecture she looked so uncomfortable. What really happened in the Principal’s office? I saw some kinda fear in her eyes but it disappeared the moment her eyes made contact with me. She became distracted till the end of the lecture. Garnelle and Gabby kept throwing glances her way expecting her to say something but all they got from her was a hard glare.

‘I’m preparing the list for your project work. Probably next week you’ll know who you’re project partner is’. And with that said the Professor was outta the class like the flash.

Genevieve placed her head on the table after the Professor left the class. Was the encounter really that bad. Of course it was stupid. My bad for not feeling sad for the bitchy bitch. I rolled my eyes.

‘I guess someone finally got expelled’, Chloe said from our backs.

‘Is much more sooner than we expected’, one of her fishes said. I think her name is Ines something something. Genevieve groaned out of frustration.

‘Well one out of four in just three weeks’, Chloe burst into laughter, ‘not bad at all’.

‘Sooner or later the remaining three will follow suite’, the second fish Mia said in giggles.

‘Later losers!’, Chloe shouted and cat-walked out of the class. As usual her two fishes followed suite. Does she find mocking fun?


‘Okay bitch, spill. It’s just us in class now’, Garnelle said in frustration. She raised her head, scanned the room and placed her head back on the desk again.

‘Aaaarrrgggghhhh! This is fucking frustrating Genevieve. What the fuck happened?’, Gabrielle asked jumping unto her desk.

Genevieve took out an envelope from her pocket and handed it over to Gabrielle, still with her head on the desk. Gabrielle grabbed the envelope from her hand and opened it. She read the content and covered her mouth in surprise or shock. I dunno but it’s somewhere between surprise and shock.

‘What’s that?’ Garnelle asked snatching the paper from her. ‘What the..!’ she gulped down nothing.

I started chewing my lips. You know, you’ve an attitude for every moment. You roll your eyes when you’re not in motion, rub your temples when frustrated, chew your lips when nervous. I rolled my eyes at her. See what I mean.

Gabby and Garnelle were looking at me with the care-to-know-look. I sighed. And yh you sigh when you’re obviously tired of tired of thinking. I pinched the bridge of my nose. You do that when you’re controlling your temper. Ok shut it.

‘What’s in the letter?’ I finally ask.

‘She’s getting expelled alright but…erm…’ Gabby replied

‘But?’ I asked tilting my head to have a proper look at her face.

‘Dadmustcomeandsignthedocuments’, Garnelle rapped looking anywhere but me.

‘What?’ I asked raising a brow. They all started fidgeting so I snatched the letter from Garnelle.

I froze after reading what was encrypted on the sheet of paper. Panic started kicking in.

‘Woah, deep breaths, deep breaths’, Gabby said rubbing my back.

Those jerks! I can’t believe they’re really pushing through with their vengeance. Their dad can’t come to this school. I can’t face that man again. I groaned in frustration. And the fact that it’s just 3 weeks of enrollment makes everything in my disappear.

‘So uhm….what we gonna do now?’ Garnelle asked in annoyance and despair.

‘As much as I hate this myself, I thnink we have to put our ego aside and apologise to them’, I replied still in faze. They looked at me as if I’ve grown a tilapia head.

‘What?’ I threw the question at them.

‘Apologise?’ Gabby and Garnelle asked in unison still not believing I uttered those words.

‘Yh. Exactly or you have any other plan’, I asked them in desbelieve.

‘I’m not apologising to those assholes. Hell no’, Genevieve humphed, ’They can go to hell for all I care’.

‘Oh as for the hell they will go but be ready to answer your father when he comes all the way down here’. I screamed at her. I stood up with anger written all over my face as I shoved my books into my bag.

‘Wait that’s it?’, Gabby asked.

‘What else do you want me to do huh. She’s not ready to put her ego in her damn pocket and apologise’, I fumed in anger, eyed Genevieve was had a frown etched on her face and stormed out of the class.

‘Wait. Hold up girl. I’m coming with you’, Garnelle shouted following me out with Gabby on her trail.

‘I’m only doing this because I don’t want dad here and nothing else’, Genevieve said annoyingly after catching up with us.

‘You should have thought of that before messing with them’, I remarked. She just rolled her eyes at me.

We went in search of the D4 jerks. They weren’t at the basketball court, neither were they at the cafeteria killing people so our next stop was their den. We entered the den and three pairs of eyes fell on us.

My sisters stood behind me, obviously scared. Like seriously, I pinched the bridge of my nose, they’re using me as a bait? You suggested they apologise. Please shut it.

Their den looked spacious and homely. It had adjacent rooms, four in all. I guess it’s their individual rooms, making where we’re standing the living room. The room had a mini bar, a plasma tv, air conditioner, comfortable sofas with a center table and a balcony. The room was painted creamy white with tiled floor.

I took more steps into the room with my sisters trailing behind me with careful steps not to overtake me. They looke courageous and full of spirits and now they’re behaving like lost kids. Well if you enter a lion’s den, all your built-up courage will just abandon you not to talk of four lions.

I cleared my throat and opened my mouth but no words left my lips. I turned to my sisters and they looked anywhere but my face. So much for assistance. I rolled my eyes at them.

‘You came here uninvited and you’re fucking wasting our time?’, Danton thundered making my sisters flinch a bit. They looked scared as shit, well except Genevieve. That bitch. I mentally facepalmed.

‘You guys relax for the ladies’, Danielle said pouring himself a drink at mini bar. I kinda like Danielle. He looks like the only person with humor amongst them four. ‘Care for a seat?’ he asked us. I shook my head no then Derrick entered the romm fro the balcony.

‘Ok so what brought you into our humble den or should I say abode’, he asked again and winked at Gabby who went crimson red immediately. Like seriously.

‘Really’, Daine asked him.

‘What I’m just being generous’, he shrugged with a smirk. Is it a signature thing, the smirk I mean.

‘Whatever you have to say be fast about it and get the fuck outta here’, Danton yelled. My sisters scurried to the door, of cos except Genevieve who’s being as bitchy as ever. I sighed and adjusted my bag on my shoulder and pushed my apectacles up my eyes.

‘We got the letter’, I finally said breaking the tension in the air, none of them responded. They all looked unbothered.

‘You know you’re wasting our time right’, Daine asked

‘Quit biting your lips’, Derrick said coldly with his hands in his pockets. Damn the guy looks good. I released the lips I didn’t know I was chewing and sighed.

‘Can we ermm… negotiate?’, I asked Derrick in particular while playing with my fingers. Geez, I’m fidgiting. I tried to look anywhere but his eyes. He looks too intimidating with those hazel blue eyes of his.

‘Negotiate?’, the boys asked in unison.

‘Yh’, I answered nervously.

‘Negotiate?’, Genevieve shouted standing beside me with her hands folded under her breast. ‘You never said anything about negotiating’.

‘I never said what I was gonna do actually’, I corrected her. She rolled her eyes at me.

‘Whatever but we ain’t negotiating with these jerks’, she continued nonchalantly. The guys looked dumbfounded. I mentally face palmed.

‘These jerks….’

‘One more word from you and your father will be here. If you know you won’t help her out, shut the fuck up’, Garnelle yelled frustratingly coming back into the room.

‘Grace just do whatever you wanna do and let’s get the fuck outta here, please’, Gabby said pleadingly.

I focused my attention back on the creature in front of me. Please don’t tell m you’re drooling over him. I rolled my eyes.

‘Can’t you do something about this. Please’, I asked Derrick nervously.

‘And what’s in for us?’, Danton asked totally displeased with me.

‘Jerky boy, please stay the fuck outta this one and be a spectator’, Garnelle spat at him. Her nerves are kicking in now. I sighed. How many times have you sighed today?

‘So?’, I asked the greek god in front of me. Really!

‘So?’, he asked backed with a raise brow.

‘Let’s negotiate’, I said finally.

‘And what’s in for me?’, he asked again with his unusaual calm but cold voice.

‘leave my sisters out of this. Genevieve is really sorry for messing your car up’

‘Sorry?’, he looked over my shoulder, ‘she doesn’t look sorry to me’. Genevieve hissed annoyingly. ‘See, she’s still a proud brat’

‘She’s indeed sorry. You can’t see cos well she…ermm..she doesn’t have a sorry face, yh’.

‘Really?’, he asked obviously not believing my lie. I bit my lips. I’ve run out of options here.

‘You know, she’s ermm… a bitch.. yh a bitch.. so why don’t you lemme have her punishment instead’

‘Wait, what?’, Garnelle screamed, ‘OK lemme get this straight. You’re trading yourself for her? I mean this ungrateful thing’, she asked pointing her fingers at Genevieve. I just shrugged. What worse could happen to me that hasn’t already happened.

‘It’s no big deal’, I replied calmly.

‘No big deal?’ Gabrielle asked fuming in anger, ‘No big deal you say’.

‘Guys let’s just get over this quickly cos Derrick looks like he’s about loosing it’, I replied rubbing my temples.

‘If anything happens to her again, you’ll regret it Genevieve, mark my words’, Garnelle threatened and stormed ot of the den.

‘Why do I have a feeling that you messed these jerks just to get Grace into trouble again, like you always do’, Gabby asked Genevieve calmly with her hands under her breasts.

‘And why will I do that’, Genevieve retorted back.

‘Shouldn’t you have answered that question yourself since age six you started all these nonsense’, she replied her making gestures with her hands.

‘I’m outta here’

‘She doesn’t even look remorseful’, Gabby added after she left.

‘Derrick please’, I pleaded tiredly.

‘And what do you want me to do exactly’, he asked me.

‘Change the expelling to suspension and cancel the father thingy’, I replied nervously.

He smirked, ‘And what is that I’m getting from doing all that’.

I closed my eyes and breath in then opened them,’ I’ll do anything you want’, it came out as whisper but I’m sure he heard cos he looks like he’s thinking.

‘You’re not serious right. Are you sure that bitch is even worth it’, Gabby asked me.

‘Please Derrick’, I begged literally on my knees totally ignoring Gabby.

‘Really now!’, she exclaimed throwing her hands about in the air.

‘I’ll minimize the punishment on one condition’, he finally said with a smirk.

‘WHHAAAAT!!! You can’t be serious’, Danton half-yelled at Derrick glaring at me.

‘I thought you were supposed to be a spectator’, Gabby threw said returning the glare. He clicked his tongue in annoyance and leaned back on the sofa.

‘I’m all ears Derrick’, I replied him.

‘Are you sure you’re up for it cos I won’t make it easy for you at all’, he said with a smirk still hanging at the corner of his mouth.

‘Does it look like I have a choice’. I rolled my eyes and pushed my spectacles up.

He walked up to the mini-bar and poured himself a drink. He sipped and looked up the ceiling as if in some deep thought. Gabby was fuming impatiently beside and I was getting restless with what he would want me to do.

He sipped the drink in his hands and walked straight to me stopping right in front of me. He bent to my level, damn he makes me look too short, and whispered in my ears’ Then you gonna be my slave for 3 months’.

‘SLAVE?’ Gabby yelled into my ears. I even forgot she was close to me so she could hear whatever Derrick whispered into my ears. The guys had that smirk on their face like they’re approving what Derrick told me.

‘Slave as in doing your assignments and running errands? Well…. I can do that no problem’, I replied. He only smirked .

‘I can call you at any time I want. You up for this?’, he asked gulping down the last bit of drink in the glass down his throat.

‘Will you drop everything then?’


‘Ok then’

‘Sign this’, he handed me a document.

‘A slave contract?’, I whisper-yelled.

‘If you’re not up for this anymore just drop it and get the fuck out of my sight’, he said coldly.

I furrowed my eyebrow at him. He seems to be enjoying my uneasiness. Gabby shook her head not in support of it. Even my conscience seems confused. I sighed and signed the documents. I handed the documents back to the jerk still frowning. He took it and smirked after seeing my signature on it.

‘Give me your contact’

I looked at him like he has grown an extra head.

‘So I can call you dummy’, he added

‘And  how is she going to give you her contact when she doesn’t have a phone’, Gabby asked annoyingly rolling her eyes.

‘She doesn’t?’,Daine asked in a surprising tone. ‘I mean which girl at this age wouldn’t be having a phone?’

‘Why would she when she broke her phone into irreparable pieces’, she added with a duh tone.

‘And why is that?’, Danton asked bemused.

Honestly I’m standing right here and they’re discussing me. I can’t believe this. I pinched the bridge of my nose shaking my head.

‘Oh that! Genevieve used it to…’

‘Let’s get going’, I said dragging her outta the room.

‘You forgot to take a copy of the document in case you breach’, Derrick said amusingly stretching out a copy to me. I snatched the copy from the jerk who’s enjoying every bit of my uneasiness.


I still can’t believe I signed this document. Like when will Genevieve not put me in trouble. Like when will she stop being on my nerves. I didn’t even read the contract before signing it.

I sat on my bed and fished the document from my bagpack. I started going through the rules of the contract so I don’t get into trouble with those jerks. As if you’re not already in trouble with them. I rolled my eyes.

Let’s see what this says;


I, GRACE LOUISE, accept this contract in the name of rescuing my sister ( humph, rescuing. Really that jerk couldn’t describe this any better) GENEVIEVE LOUISE from getting expelled. I promised with my signature to do whatever said in this contract and whatever deemed appropriate by my master DERRICK DAREEL….

Geez he calls himself my master. That jerk! When did I promise him anything. I clicked my tongue in annoyance. You promised the moment you signed this ridiculous  freaking papers. I rolled my eyes.

….Breaching of any of the rules below is tantamount to the expulsion of my sisters and I a week prior to our graduation. This will make us unqualified for any job across the globe.


  1. Be with my Master wherever he goes unless not told to do so.
  2. Run any errand my Master sends me to without complaints.
  3. Respond to my Master’s call with immediate effect.
  4. Wasting my Master’s time will result to punishment he deems fit.
  5. The punishment of every mistake I commit differs, according to my Master’s wish.
  6. I will not interfere in my Master’s relationship.
  7. I will never raise my voice at my Master or look him in the eye when responding to him.
  8. I have no right to correct my Master when he makes mistakes.
  9. Will do all my work diligently and respectfully.
  10. I will never reject anything my Master gives me.

Any other rule would be given to me by my Master as time goes on within the time allocated for my lovely slavery.

I shall accept any punishment my Master gives me without compliant or delay when I breach the contract.

By signing this, I agree to the terms and conditions stated in this document.

….……………….                                                   ……………………

DERRICK DAREEL                                           ( GRACE LOUISE )

( MASTER )                                                              ( SLAVE )

Slave? Like really? What was I thinking when I accepted to be his slave? I threw the document angrily on my bed and stepped under the shower frustrated. I hate that guy with every living bone in me. He’s such a jerk. You know you’re still in your clothes right, Witch asked me. Yh my conscience is named Witch by me cos she behaves all witchy when I don’t need her help. She rolled her eyes.

I put off the shower and went in search of new clothes. I wiped the water off my glasses with my wet shirt.

I opened my wardrobe and an envelope fell. I took it and opened it up with water dripping all over it. After reading i grinned. It’s about time. I don’t know why we must be his slave to get to him. Either ways let’s just do our part and leave the rest to them.

‘And why are you wet?’


‘Mmhmmm’, she replied with her hands on her waist.

‘I was…ermm…I..’ I started scratching the back of my neck, ‘ First of all what’re you doing in my room? And you didn’t even knock’, I responded replacing my wet clothes with dry ones.

‘Do you know the time I spent knocking on your door’, she exclaimed throwing her hands in the air.


‘And what’s this ” The punishment of every mistake I commit differs according to my master Derrick’s wish”

‘What about that?’

‘What about this? Can’t you see what’s happening’, she half-yelled.

‘Nope, unless you tell me’. Actually we do. Shut up.

I laid on my bed with my face facing the ceiling and my hands behind my head.

‘He’s going to do whatever the fuck he wants with you. Have you forgotten what we found about him. He can even kill you’, she yelled.

I hummed in response.

‘I know, I kinda got that part when I read it’, I responded calmly.

‘Ciella’, I frowned. She sighed, ‘Grace I don’t want you getting hurt. Especially for that bitch of a twin sister we have. This is too draconian’.

She laid on her side facing me with her head on her hand.

‘I’ll be careful. I can’t risk you guys getting hurt either.’ We’re dreading a dangerous path but we were trained for this and there’s no way out. I know right.

‘Call me whenever something goes wrong’

‘I will’

‘I’m serious girlfriend’. I chuckled.

‘Come here’, I hugged her to myself, ‘Don’t worry Gabby, I’ll be fine……I guess’.

She hummed in response and dozed off to sleep in my arms. It’s been long since she shared a bed with y’a. Try and loosen up a bit. See who’s talking. Leave my case and rest cos we have a job to do. I closed my eyes and joined her to sleep.

♠♠♠♠♠♠♠  ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠    ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠    ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠    ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠    ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠    ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠    ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠

I jolted awake only to see Garnelle in my room panting. I guess her scream woke up Gabby too cos she’s rubbing her eyes with a frown on her face.

‘You nitwit’, Gabby screamed at Garnelle.

‘Sorry, just that…forget it, Grace you have a package’, she replied.

I don’t understand why she didn’t take it for you, aren’t you twins. Shut it.

‘A package?’, I asked with a raised brow.

‘Yh’, she replied cheerfully. Someone seems unusually happy today.

‘But I didn’t order for anything’, I muttered, ‘Who sent it, I mean the package?’

She shrugged. Whoa she didn’t even check the person who sent it. What if it’s a bomb. I think it’s Daine, that douchebag doesn’t like you. Maybe he was the one who….Okay, calm your horses.

‘Well, let’s go and check it up. Hurry we don’t have all day’, I stoop up from the bed and stretched my limbs, ‘Aren’t you coming with us?’, Garnelle asked Gabby.

‘Nah I’ll pass’, she replied, ‘Someone cut my sleep short so I’ll finish up’, she murmured. She placed her head back on the pillow and threw the duvet over her head. I guess she’s really not going downstairs.

‘Let’s go’, I said to Garnelle. We made our way outta my room. ‘You didn’t even shut the door after barging in. So much for courtesy’.

She just rolled her eyes at me. We descended the stairs to the living room. She opened the door and there stood, yh, you know, the postman.

‘Mademoiselle Grâce Louise?’, he asked with his French accent looking from Garnelle to me. I raised my hand to save him from more confusion. ‘S’il-vous-plaît signet ici pour prendre votre package’.

I signed and he handed me a medium size box. He bowed then took off on his bike.

‘What’s inside. Maybe something to eat’, Garnelle said dreamily. I rolled my eyes at her and balanced the box on my hands well. She snatched the box from me and raced upstairs with it.

‘Hey, that’s mine’, I frowned-screamed. I joined them in my room still with a frown on my face.’ Didn’t you say you were finishing your sleep’, I asked Gabby who was ripping open the box. ‘Wow, just wow’, I said in surprise and closed the door behind me and joined them on my bed.

‘Here’s a letter maybe it’ll give you an idea who sent it’, Garnelle said stretching it to me.

‘Wow’, Gabby exclaimed taking out….’A laptop? This is brand new and the latest. It even has your name branded on it’, she added.

‘A phone? Now i’m eager to know who sent you these stuffs’, Garnelle said putting it aside and emptying the box of the remains. ‘The phone too has your name branded on it’, she chuckled.

On my bed was a yellow headsets, two pen drives, a phone charger and a laptop charger.

‘Cool’, they both exclaimed.

‘So who sent them’, Gabby asked me. I shrugged. If it was just the phone i would have said Derrick buh with the rest which idiot will do that. It’s like i know who sent them but i can’t place my finger on it.

Gabby snatched the letter from me ripping it open.

‘Hey! What’s with everyone snatching stuffs from me?’ I asked frustratingly.

‘I knew it’, Gabby remarked, ‘It reads;

‘Hope you got my gift

I’ve already charged the phone so start using it

Call me the moment you switch on the phone

My number is already registered on it.’


Garnelle switched on the phone muttering words under her breath. I know surely that she’s cussing him. I sighed. Can’t I have just one peaceful day to myself without jerks ruining it.

‘Here you go’


‘He said call him’

I rolled my eyes at her and collected the damn phone. And true to his words his number was already saved on the phone as ‘My Master’. Need to change that. I placed a call through to him. He picked up on the third ring. So much for being a boss. Jerky much.

‘Hello’, his voice sent shivers running down my back. Like damn how can he be so sexy with just a hello. But he’s a jerk.

‘Ermm….hello Derrick it’s me…’

‘Call me Sir’, he said cutting me off.


‘I said call-me-Sir’, he replied more coldly this time.

‘Jerky much’, I muttered.

‘What did you say’

‘Sir it’s me Grace’, I replied rolling my eyes.

‘Come over now’

‘Wait what’

‘Must I repeat everything I say’, he thundered over the phone. I had to remove the phone from my ear to avoid damaging my poor innocent ear. Why is he so cold. Who stepped on his crotch today.

‘But I don’t….’

‘I’m in the D4 suit’, he said cutting me off once again. He should quit doing that. ‘You’ve 15 mins to get your ass here’. And with that he ended the call.

I’m starting to regret signing the damn papers. I sunk into my bed and laid on my back.

‘What happened’, Gabby asked me.

‘Well ‘my master’ said I should be at the D4 suit in the next 15 mins’, I replied nonchalantly.

‘15 mins and you’re still here’, Garnelle literally yelled at me.


‘The fact that I hate that guy doesn’t mean that I would let you allow him to punish you deliberately. Get your ass up now.’

Gabby threw a blue jeans and a yellow blouse at me. When did she even get out of the bed. I glared at them but the look on their faces told me I asked for the trouble on my own. Defeated I dressed up to meet my master, not.



I returned to my room around 8pm on a Thursday, with sore feet and aching body. Why? Cos that asshole of a guy uses me like a trailer. We’ve been moving from one place to the other, exploring and picking unnecessary things. Well he did the exploring the picking while I followed like the good slave I am and carried his burden. You forgot why he was extra jerky today. I was just 5 mins late. Well to him you were like 5 centuries late. I sighed and made my way towards the bathroom.

On returning I found my sisters minus Genevieve of course, in my bedroom with a worrisome expression etched on their pretty faces.

‘What is it’, I asked tiredly.

‘You have 5 missed calls from Derrick’, Gabby replied stretching the phone towards me.

‘Shit’, I screamed and immediately every bit of tiredness disappeared from my body. I snatched the phone from her hands and placed a call to him.

Fuck he’s gonna murder me. I clearly remember one of his rules being to answer his calls at all cost. He even told you to never ignore his calls even if you’re on your death bed. I just wanted a peaceful night. Is it too much to ask.

‘Hello’, his sexy cold voice erupted from the other side of the phone.

‘Sir…I….I’m…’, I stuttered.

‘You’ve just a minute to exit your room’, and he’s ended the call, of course coldly.

I hurriedly left my room with my phone in hand.

‘You not eating before you leave’, Garnelle asked me from the door.

‘Nope’, I replied descending the stairs two at a time in a hurry. I opened the door to the outside only to find my nemesis leaning lazily on his car. I held my knee to calm my shaky breaths before panic kicks in.

‘Go on your knees’, his cold voice pierced the solemn night.


‘Must I always repeat myself’, he asked me coldly.

I shook my head cos the last time I answered yes to that question the wall closer to my face suffered. This time around there’s no wall and I have to keep my face. He’s a jerk and all but no need to add on it, right? I slowly lowered myself to my knees. Since I came out I’ve not looked at him. I need my eyes in right where they are. Thank you very..

‘Grace you forgot….what the hell?’, Garnelle exclaimed. What the hell indeed. ‘And why you kneeling’.

I only shrugged. Gabby joined us outside when she heard Garnelle shout. She turned to my nemesis and frustratingly with a pointed finger yelled the words ‘the fact that she’s your slave doesn’t mean you’ve to be treating her like this. Don’t you know…’

‘She was 40 seconds late’, he replied coldly cutting her off.

‘What? Just 40 seconds? And you’re making it look like 40 hours?’, Garnelle asked him furiously.

What am I doing now? Well I’m just praying he doesn’t increase my punishment. It’s been a month since I signed the evil contract and I’ve not known peace. Honestly i prefer Genevieve’s torture to his. Derrick has been anything but nice in the past one month. Everyone in school knew I was his slave, the teachers included. Even the principal knew. Although he didn’t care if I was bullied by the students and punished by the teachers, no one was brave enough to touch me. Me being his slave was enough cue to keep them away from me. Well everyone except, you know. His bitch, Chloe.

He even ‘sweetly’ took me to a Killing Spree Firm. That place is somewhere you enter but don’t exit once the D4 is inside. Whatever that happened there told me not to joke with those guys especially Derrick cos he’s different when he gets angry. After leaving that place he told me, ‘One mistake and you’ll enter but not exit. And absolutely no one will come looking for you. But don’t worry I’ll send your carcass to your siblings’. I had nightmares for a whole week. That’s why I’m praying they don’t piss him off. I sighed still with my eyes closed listening to what was happening around me.

‘She also wasted 30 mins of my time. And on top of that, she didn’t pick up my calls’,

Geez did I spend that much time in the shower. What was i even doing there. I mentally facepalmed. You should have taken your phone with you to the bathroom. How am I suppose to know he would call me. He specifically told me I was done for the day after I was done cooking for he and his brothers.

What will he do when your sisters leave. He’s not one to forgive easily, remember? I started feeling nervous. I haven’t even thought of that until now. While I was thinking of what’ll happen to me when my sisters leave, they were busy exchanging words with my nemesis who looked unusually calm.

‘One more word from you two and you wouldn’t like the outcome cos your sister will be the one to suffer the consequences’, he said out of nowhere with a furrowed brow.

I shook my head at my sisters to stop them form their comeback. I exhaled the air I didn’t know I was holding up when they finally shut up.

‘Here’, Garnelle extended a case with my syringe towards me. I took it and muttered a thanks. They gave me a sad look and with one glare at my nemesis left me to my doom.

  • §§§§§§   §§§§§§§   §§§§§§§   §§§§§§§    §§§§§§§    §§§§§§§    §§§§§§§

‘This is the fifth time I’m calling her and she’s not picking her damn phone. She better not be asleep’, I yelled at nobody in particular.

I know I’ve released her from her duties today but I still want her. And it’s all my cute damn aunt’s fault. She wants to meet her tonight, I mean now. She’s been on my neck ever since Danton spilled the beans about me taking Grace to the Killing Spree Firm. I’ve realized she became more afraid of me ever since we went there.

I told my aunt I would bring her over tomorrow after school but she’s so damn stubborn. And now Grace isn’t picking up her phone. I still remember what my brothers the day after we visited the Killing Spree Firm.

≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥   ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥   ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥   ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥  ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥   ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥  ≥≥≥≥

We were still hanging around the basketball court after practice, doing our own thing.

‘So what’s with you and your little slave’, Daine asked me gulping down water from his bottle. I only shrugged.

‘You two seem close’, Danton said wiping sweat off his forehead with his face towel.

‘Really’. I pictured me and Grace being close and I chuckled looking at how she’s afraid of me.

‘It’s not funny dude’, Danielle said throwing a punch a me. I dodged but he regained his stand cos of his good reflex.

‘Honestly you guys don’t see anything? She’s always nervous around me. Not to talk of how she’s always frowning, muttering or fidgeting around me’, I replied them while taking a drink from my bottle.

‘So?’, Danton asked, ‘It doesn’t mean you’ve hurt her’.

‘Or she likes you’, Daine said

I chuckled again.

‘Don’t worry guys. I’m a player. I know how to deal with lads like her. I do it all the time’.

‘Yh but not in 3 months’, Danielle retorted shaking his head.

‘If I really wanna hurt her, I’ve to do that emotionally. She will come around sooner or later. They always do. Sooner or later I’ll be tearing her heart into tiny pieces’, I smirked.

‘Does Genevieve hate her that much’, Danton asked me.

‘Oh she does. Cos if she doesn’t she wouldn’t have come to us for help even after knowing what we’re capable of doing’, Daine replied him throwing a ball into a basket.

The car accident was a plan we did with her. Although that bitch nearly killed me. She told us she wants Grace to feel the pains they went through after Grace killed their younger sister in cold blood.

‘Do you guys really believe she was the one who killed their younger sister’, Danielle asked me doubtfully.

‘I don’t know and I don’t care’, I replied uninterested.

‘Honestly, I think you do and I pray you fall for her instead’, Daine commented looking straight into my eyes.

‘I’m a playboy Daine, I don’t do the falling, they do’.

‘Yh yh yh and they cook for you to eat too’, he said in chuckles.

They burst into fits of laughter seeing my uneasiness.

I can’t fall for her right? I’m doing what I’m doing cos i wanna hurt her and that’s all.

≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤  ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤   ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤   ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤   ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤   ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤  ≤≤≤≤≤≤

If truly what Daine said is true then I’m doomed. But it can’t be. I’m hurting her as much as I should. Even if I do develop feelings for her, a deal is a deal. I stepped out of my car and leaned on it. Her call came through.

‘Hello’, I answered coldly.

‘Sir…I….I’m…’, she stuttered and I smirked.

‘You’ve just a minute to exit your room’, and i ended the call, still with a cold attitude.

I sighed. I can’t believe I’m waiting on a girl all cos of my aunt. It’s freaking cold out here too tonight.

The door opened revealing feminine cute body. Once outside she held her knees and calmed her breath. What the fuck is she wearing. After regaining her breath I took in her features. She was wearing a baggy white shirt which barely covers her butt cheek and jean shorts revealing her slender thighs with a yellow flip flops. Pretty and hot. This is the first time I’m seeing her dressed like this. She’s always covered. I licked my lips unconsciously.

‘Go on your knees’, I coldly told her. Honestly I didn’t want to punish her but she’s killing me. I might be rude and all but I’m still a man for crying out loud.

‘What?’, she asked with a confused expression.

‘Must I repeat myself’. She shook her head.

She had her shoulder length black hair…wait…hold on…it’s not wet so what the fuck was she doing inside all this while. Her spectacles…

‘Grace you forgot your….what the fuck?’, Garnelle exclaimed. ‘And why you kneeling’.

She only shrugged. Gabrielle joined us outside and her eyes grew in anger when she took in the situation. She turned to me and frustratingly with a pointed finger yelled the words ‘the fact that she’s your slave doesn’t mean you’ve to be treating her like this. Don’t you know…’

‘She was 40 seconds late’, I replied coldly cutting her off.

‘What? Just 40 seconds? And you’re making it look like 40 hours?’, Garnelle asked me furiously.

The look on Grace’s face is priceless. Is she praying or what. Is funny seeing her praying nervously that her sisters don’t land her in fire. Why does she like biting her lips. I was getting frustrated with her sisters and their cusses.

‘She also wasted 30 mins of my time. And on top of that, she didn’t pick up my calls’, I said coldly shutting them up totally.

But that didn’t deter them from continuing raining cuss words at me. But the interesting one is the bewildered look on Grace’s face. I guess she realized she spent a lot of time doing whatever that she was doing in there. I smirked.

Seriously these girls are just wasting my time, it’s 9:07pm and we were supposed to be there like 30mins ago.

‘One more word from you two and you wouldn’t like the outcome cos your sister will be the one to suffer the consequences’,I said annoyingly with a furrowed brow. I watched her shake her head at her sisters stopping them from their comeback. It’s good she knows what I can do when I snap.

‘Here’, Garnelle extended a case towards her. She took it and muttered a thanks. Before they left her they sent me a glare to which I responded with a smirk.

‘Let’s go ‘, I told her , more like commanded her.

She stood up and took a step, then stopped. Her eyes widened in shock as she clutched the case and her phone like her life depended on it. Guess she realized she’s naked, literally.

‘Don’t make me repeat myself’, I coldly warned her and took my seat behind the wheel.

She climbed in and uncomfortably occupied the passenger seat beside me. It’s not like I told her to be dressed that way. I ignited the car and set off to my aunt’s shop or should I say mall?

We got there at 6mins to 10pm. Finally I can breathe. We got down and headed straight inside. The main reason why we’re here in the first place it’s cos we’ll be having a party, more like a family reunion, and I’m supposed to bring a date along.

My aunt has been pestering me to bring Grace to her and since my big mouth literally cried out that it’s only Grace I would be bringing to the reunion or I’m not coming at all, my aunt found a very good opportunity to force me in bringing Grace to her.

I groaned and she shot me a glance. I glared back at her and she averted her gaze immediately. I’m in this deep shit cos of you.

‘Shit!’, I muttered, stopping abruptly.

My sudden outburst made her stop in her tracks. I’m gonna be alone with her in the elevator. From 1st floor up to the 10th floor. I’m so gonna be in trouble. I can’t believe this is happening. I passed my fingers into my hair frustratingly.

‘Should you have asked something at the front desk, Sir?’, she asked me innocently.

Only if she knew. ‘NO!’, I yelled out my frustration. If she wasn’t scared of me before, now she is. ‘Let’s go’, I said after calming down a bit.

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