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I think Money was invented, among other reasons, by man in an attempt to eliminate _”the survival of the fittest syndrome”_ among them (humans) as social animals, unlike as it (survival of the fittest) prevails among animals in the wild.


So, money becomes the direct or indirect “target” for survival and sustenance by man, instead of ‘crushing (feeding on) each other and looting their booties for a living’.


Survival of the social animal (man) has since been primarily, Money.

Unfortunately, however, this intent has rather backfired!


Ironically, this has rather become a carefully calculated massacre (killing) among the social animals even more than in the case of wild animals killing one another directly for food – for survival.


Even worse, what polishes us, as humans from the rest of the animals such as: _Compassion, Love, Kindness, Faithfulness, Trust and so on_, have gradually been compromised, in sometimes, a genuine attempt to make Money (especially, enough of it) for sustenance and ‘survival’;

Greed, has become the order of the day! Suddenly, we have changed from being social animals to wild animals, because we can do anything for it without second thoughts about others.


Again, I think, man should make Money, but all what defines and polishes us, and makes us distinct as social animals must be safeguarded; namely: _Compassion, Kindness, Faithfulness, Trust, Love, Care, ad infinitum._


Eventually, its (the Money) attainment won’t involve all that stress and agony and sometimes killing.

Can we even look through and share, and make it easily obtainable, knowing very well our sustenance, survival and very life, have been programed directly or indirectly to depend on it?


Could this even ever be possible?

If the larger society of social animals (world leaders, politicians, among others) prove adamant or perhaps this article doesn’t reach them, would you reading consider and implement it with the cleanest of conscience for the survival of all around you? Would you share this Post to others?


*- Food For Thought -*


Mr. HKO (Writer and Coach)

Facebook: HK Ocran





“This Uniquely Insightful and Life-changing piece, and all others alike, are exclusively the artistic creation and intellectual property of the author.”


– Mr. Hko (Writer, Coach and Philosopher)

– Est, 2010 –

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