We are programmed subconsciously (partly due to the spirit of competition and self-centeredness) to feel that the base is broad, and made up of the mass and those with sprouting aspiration, newbies, subordinates, the dependents, novice, mediocre and so on and so forth, while the very top is very narrow and reserved for the best, the boss, the champion, the accomplished.

This is a misconception and breeds the spirit of pull-him-down syndrome, since the very top is too narrow to accommodate many others. Hence, we endeavor to even “spill blood” to attain the very “peak of the cone of success”

Make a picturesque of this conical hierarchy and you would finally understand why the saying goes that, “the top feels narrow and lonely”. How could it feel lonely and cold if actually we turned the cone upside down?

So that if you are not ready to move in unison, teamwork, cooperation, and respect and discipline you won’t reach the top? What stops that?

Real success is the joy we all feel, not the one you only feel. Yes could could be at the top, but since you haven’t helped anyone be there or a little closer, or you pull down and suppress people from achieving their own top-reaching-goals, you are not there yet!

The moment you become content and climb up there alone, that is where loneliness and coldness grip you in the neck and choke you! How beautiful would it be if all of us succeeded! Yes, together we can all succeed, hand-held.

Let us turn the cone (pyramid) of success upside down and make the very top as warm and as consultative as possible! That is real success and joy.


Mr. Hko (Writer and Coach)

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