We all sympathize with the victims of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and most of us fear a third World War. The fundamental cause of war is division. Whom would we wage war against if we are one, or if we see ourselves to be one?

The ideological conception of biological human division, with regard to the division into a man or a woman, is, first and foremost, the source of conflicts. We have a man and a woman biologically, which implies that there are _differences_. So a man expects something different in his family or marriage, and a woman expects the same. There appears to be no points of convergence or agreement between these genders. This sparks marital, family, and, as a result, civil wars. Biological differences have resulted in the development of divisive systems that have perpetuated conflicts and wars for millennia.

Religion divides us, culture divides us, skin color divides us, and the entire spectrum of human-created divisive systems divides us. To begin with, if we could completely dissolve the concept of gender, so that there is no man or woman, but only human beings, or if we could dissolve every sect or difference, so that there is no Buddhist or Christian, etc., there would be no such thing as war. The only reality we must recognize is that we are all humans who face the same fates in life. As a result, we both suffer and benefit together. There are no divisions. That would put an end to all wars.


Mr. Hko (Writer and Coach)

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