– Pride and Self-Righteousness – The Fuel of Anger-

Anger is not totally toxic. Sometimes, when we want things get done the right way, or exhibit some seriousness for progress, a little anger becomes the right tool. But, this is what usually happens:

Life’s pressure and anxieties usually plunge many into anger and most often, the “objects” (those who receive anger) may feel deep within them, that they are not loved and rather hated. Anger is not necessarily hate; it is a damaged or distorted form of love. The fact is, the more you think highly of yourself, the more you are prone to get angry, even at frivolous situations. Thinking highly of yourself come with tacit (inward) assertions and justifications with the word, “I”. For example: “I am tired”, “I did this alone”, “I am older than you”, “I am your parent”, ” I am your husband/wife”, I do everything in this house”, “I feed and take care of you” and so on. Anytime you get angry, it is that part of your pride and self-righteousness, that has been stirred. It then becomes an option for you to use your brains to talk “them” (pride and self-righteousness) into calmness or succumb to “their” agitations. Usually, anger results in a distorted love. And if love is distorted, it becomes vicious, and that visciousnes sinks down the spine of the recipient of the anger. They may not realise you love them, no matter what you do after the anger, because the visciousnes of that distorted love (anger) creates an indelible impression in their memory. Tame and drop your pride and self-righteousness and always remain humble and considerate no matter who or what offends you. Usually, those who offend us are going through their own kind of problems and weaknesses in their little world; you should then see beyond the offender and the offence. If you take-away pride and self-righteousness, you will be less prone to anger and your love will be appreciated in full form. You will attract the right people and love you deserve, while exhibiting that you yourself are fallible. Remember, the next time you get angry, know that you fed your pride and Self-Righteousness, while starving your brains and reasoning powers of Love.

Mr. Hko (Writer and Coach)
Facebook: Hk Ocran
Instagram: mr._hko

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