Ironically, each and everyone of us, possesses a third eye, which of course is not conspicuous as we see the other two physical eyes used to see things of the physical universe. Unless you “charge” it up and use it (the third eye) it remains blind. Just as there is a universe around us, there is a whole universe within us.

That universe isn’t our intestines, colons, heart or any other organ, tissues or cells in our body; No. The universe within us is of two dimensions. The first dimension is the metaphoric world of our inner being, which encompasses powerful conscience, brain complex, intuitions, instincts, reflexes, critical thinking and analysis, and other perceptive powers.

The other part of the universe within us, is full of tendencies lurking ferociously around the circumference of the perceptive powers forming the strength of the physical human. The third eye is what keeps the perceptive powers on gured always, against the ferocious evil tendencies from caving-into our denfensive walls of perceptive powers.

These evil tendencies are anger, bitterness, malice, envy, manslaughter, aggressiveness, other vices, and so on. If the third eye is activated, it burns any tendency which attempts to intrude the walls of the perceptive powers. So the third eye can burn, say anger, before it gets in, as it were. Whatever transpires in the inner universe, manifests on the physical body which occupies the outer universe. How do we always activate the third eye so it remains lit and energized to burn rising evil tendencies?

1. Practice Meditation (mindfulness and calmness). When the physical eye is over used (agitated), by what they perceive, they dim the third eye. Example: as you refuse to lower your gaze on something attractive, you dim your third eye, hence crippling the defensive perceptive powers – You can easily get enticed by danger. The brain is more susceptible and interconnected to the physical eyes than the third eye. That is why the brain really accounts impeccably to the physical eye.

The third eye requires a lot of “effort” to pull the brains along. Also, if you experience something very annoying and provoking, don’t dwell too much on what the two eyes see, brighten the third eye. Meditation and Mindfulness can be achieved by endeavouring to have a relaxed mind, alone in a relaxed environment, like the sea side, midnight when the tired world retires, or any calm place like these.

2. Practice spirituality Being spiritual can actually take over and control the outer universe for your own good. A spiritual person is really concerned about the spirit behind everything and not moved by what they see (what the two physical eye see or experience)

3. Constantly Seek Knowledge and Understanding

We are all busy seeking a successful lifestyle and happiness. That is what the two physical eyes yearns for, and any turmoil that erupts as a result of a destroyed inner universe, collapses that very success or happiness we have toiled to attain.

That is why we need to always enlighten the third eye. The inner universe years for Knowledge and understanding in order to fight all the mechanisms of evil tendencies within. Knowledge and understanding is what will keep you in good shape and whole and maintain your success and joy for as long as possible.

The third eye, could be trained and activated for your own well being and development. Always remember that the inner universe controls the outer universe, on which you float as a delicate matter.

Mr. Hko (Writer and Coach)

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