The US, GAF are cooperating to improve regional security

According to the US Embassy in Accra, the US government and the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) are cooperating to boost regional security.

“By learning alongside each other now, we will be better equipped for the future,” the Embassy tweeted on Tuesday, June 14. #StrongerTogether”

“This comes at a time when Ghana is beefing up its security measures in response to the threat of terrorism.”

Mr. Edward Kweku Aspmani, the Deputy National Security Coordinator, stated that Ghana is not immune to terrorist assaults.

Ghana, he stated, is clearly a target.

He added that terrorists have been targeting resource-rich countries, and that Ghana’s natural resources expose the country to criminals.

On Sunday, May 22, he added, “We are not insulated from those assaults, so we think Ghanaians should be aware.” He was speaking at a press conference on the measures put in place to prevent the attacks from happening in the country.

Why are Ghanaians being involved? Because of the nature of the threats, it is not conventional combat; they do not arrive in APCs and fighter jets.

They can take many forms: a pastor in a church, a cleric in a mosque, or individuals posing as CSOs pretending to undertake community service.

As a result, we must all maintain vigilance. We also know that terrorists want access to the sea, and the nature of the different attacks we’ve all seen in the subregion suggests that wherever they go, there will be some type of mineral or natural resource, notably gold.

So, if they attack cities and towns in Burkina Faso that have gold reserves, definitely, Ghana will suffer.

“We are clearly a target, which is why we have come here today to seek Ghanaian support.”

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