Time is not our friend; “it has never been on our side”, it can’t be bribed, persuaded or compromised. It is a judge (effect) of every sort of actions and inactions of every creature crawling, walking or flying in the universe – Time is the spirit of ‘Karma’.

Time is so impatient that it does not pause to reflect or feel for us or events. It is a blind and deaf judge.

As we appreciate how indifferent and ruthless Time is, we never want to leave anything dear to us in the hands of Time (chance), not even our decision to die

Hence, the cliche, “Time will tell, is very dangerous for us, if we don’t whisper to Time what it should say”

We ought to do everything (in thoughts and in actions) by ourselves and let Time pass peacefully. We have to put in conscious work in achieving and producing. The duty of Time, is to create the atmosphere for us to work and achieve. Itself doesn’t do anything.

It just looks on to reveal the effects of your activiness or redundancy; good or bad decisions; actions and inactions and so on The whole world would have still been empty, shapeless and desolate with darkness so thick you could hold it, if God just let Time pass by. We know and understand that God actually worked and brought everything into existence. Time would have just looked on.

Everything that happens is a consequence of how you have worked on/in and outside of yourself and situation.

When situations are beyond us, we take a deep breath and leave the rest to Faith not Fate (time) and then we do the rest, knowing very well what (who) Time is. We don’t leave everything in its care

Yes, we must do everything necessary in our lives before time does it for us ruthlessly and mercilessly.

Mr.Hko (Writer and Coach)

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