Tite, the Brazilian coach, calls the Arsenal links “a lie.”

Following allegations that Mikel Arteta was in talks to join Arsenal after the 2022 World Cup, Tite has apologized to him.

When his contract with the Selecao expires after the competition in Qatar at the end of this year, the Brazilian coach will step down.

Last week, it was rumored that Tite was in talks to take a post at Emirates Stadium, but the 60-year-old has clearly refuted that this is the case.

Tite called the media reports “lies” and stressed that his sole attention is on leading Brazil to a successful Middle East campaign.

“And the people I represent and who identify with me may rest certain that I am moral, that I appreciate my professional activities, and that I am aware of the Brazilian national team’s responsibilities.

“Arsenal, we apologise. Please accept my apologies, Arteta. We have nothing to do with it. There isn’t anything, not even a speck of it.

“It saddens me in this day of widespread fake news and false information. No one, not even me or Gilmar [Veloz, his agent], can talk about it, in my opinion.”

On Tuesday, Brazil plays Bolivia in a World Cup qualifier, and a win will ensure that they finish first in the CONMEBOL standings.

Tite conceded, however, that his team’s strategy will have to modify owing to the “inhumane” conditions at La Paz’s Estadio Hernando Siles, which is nearly 3,600 meters above sea level.

“Regardless of the challenges we confront, we always have an expectation,” Tite remarked.

“The team will not be as aggressive as it has been in recent games because it is not conceivable, it is inhumane, and the conditions do not permit it.”

“Other techniques exist, such as maintaining possession. Of course, you can’t keep the same rhythm or tempo that we’ve had in home games or under regular circumstances.”

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