If you are going through hell, Keep going- Winston Churchill.
This is an extremely good advice from Winston Churchill.
Life is very hard and could be a kind of hell sometimes for anyone at all. Just don’t give up, victory is just at the corner.
What’s interesting to me is that, in a world full of softies, cultivating mental resilience provides an incredible advantage. By building the ability to stick it out as those around us give way, we are setting ourselves up for success.
The following are Five (5) Ways to be Mentally Strong.

1. Swallow the Elephant.
We all appreciate how Elephants are tough and large. Troubles and challenges in life may come in the form of ‘Elephants’ and if care is not taken it will swallow or eat us up. This include the loss of a loved one, the loss of job, huge financial debts, a thorny husband or wife, an unfaithful friend or colleague, serious financial crises or poverty, chronic illness and so on and so forth.
We need to conquer these by rather swallowing the Elephant; Never let it swallow you. Build up defensive walls within to conquer the fear. Just have a strong conviction that you are going to “Swallow this temporal Elephant”. Do not fret!

2. Visualize Success
Create a mental picture in your subconscious mind and imagine victory as the outcome of whatever you might be going through. Just talk to your inner being and give it constant reassurance. Know and believe you shall overcome this challenge and that you are already victorious.

3. Emotional Control
Many a time when we are faced with challenges or serious problems, our body tends to shake and tremble with fear. We become unstable and weep, to say least. We act as if all is over. It is very important to take control of your emotions despite what you see or hear. Remain calm and take a very deep breath. Most often than not, we exaggerate reports and happenings in our own minds – they always tend not to be the case! Just remain optimistic.

4. Small Victories
Try to see small advantages or victories in whatever we face in life as a big deal. Just imagine losing a huge some of money due to a wrong business deal. Suddenly, you have a phone call from a friend who sympathises by given you 1/100 of the total sum of money that had gone down the drain. You should take this as a very huge victory and centre your happiness on that and just forget about the huge sum. Don’t think too much and always remember to appreciate “small victories”

5. Find your Neccesity
The truth of the matter is Humans don’t mind hardship, in fact they thrive on it, what they mind in not feeling Necessary. Modern society always make people not feel necessary and it’s time this stopped!
That is why being empathetic to humans means a lot! We need to make people feel necessary by given them all the support they need in the challenges that they face. To remain Mentally Strong, we ought to Find our own necessity if others do not give us. This makes us cheerful and strong within to fight what is without.

Never forget that “Success” belongs to Mentally Strong people and being mentally strong always beat being physically or socially strong.

Mr. Hko (Writer and Coach)
Facebook: HK Ocran
Instagram: mr._hko
WhatsApp: 0244220158

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